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[home decoration network] the kitchen is one of the most frequently used spaces in the family. Because it is eroded by oil and frequently used by water pipes, circuits and gas, it faces the problem of secondary decoration earlier than the living room and bedroom. At present, the area of some old kitchens to be redecorated is small and the pattern is not ideal, such as the chaos of kitchen pipelines. Such old kitchens are bound to make a big fight

◆ cast iron pipe is changed into PPR pipe

there are water pipes, natural gas, heating pipes, etc. in the kitchen, carelessness will cause leakage and pollution. The pipes of old houses are usually cast iron pipes or galvanized pipes, which are easy to rust, and there will be problems such as water leakage and water leakage of heating pipes. When renovating, the indoor water pipeline can be changed to PPR pipe. If the house is relatively new, the pipes should also be checked for leakage

tip: the water flow of the water pipe in the old kitchen is particularly bad, because the filter screen beside the water meter has blocked a lot of rust and dirt in the tap water for a long time. So we need to find decorators to remove the water meter and clean the filter screen. Com

◆ load bearing walls cannot be removed

for the reconstruction of old kitchens, the wall and floor are often key projects. The old sand lime wall is easy to age, resulting in wall cracking. If the wall base is good during decoration, cloth can be pasted to prevent cracking. If it involves the removal of the kitchen wall, first of all, it is necessary to know whether the kitchen wall is a light wall, and then remove it after the consent of the property management company; If the wall is a load-bearing wall, it cannot be demolished and transformed. Com

tips: generally, when decorating old kitchens, do not easily remove the walls, first, because the kitchen smoke problem is not easy to solve, and second, when removing, the dust is very large, and the indoor air is easy to be polluted. Com

◆ try to reduce connectors in the line

when renovating the circuit, the safety of electricity should be put in the first place. Find the water and electricity route map of the original kitchen decoration, so that it is easier to transform the current water and electricity route. The wires of the old house must be replaced with national standard wires, and PVC insulated pipes must be worn when embedding wires in the wall. Try to reduce the joints of the lines. If wiring is necessary, the distribution lines should be well connected, insulated and moisture-proof. There are many weaknesses in the circuit layout of the old kitchen. Strong electricity is difficult to meet the power needs of modern families, and weak electricity is basically not in place. Aluminum core wires and wires with small wire diameters in the circuit are all eliminated

tips: in the circuit transformation, if the original line meets the standard, it can be retained. The new socket and lighting circuit should be wired separately from the distribution box. Arbitrary wiring or adding socket and lighting power on the original circuit will cause excessive load on a single circuit, which is easy to cause tripping or burn out the main power switch, and even cause fire. Com

◆ changing one-way water supply into two-way water supply

waterproof is a problem that must be considered in kitchen reconstruction. Some old houses have been waterproof, but after several years or more, waterproof may lose its function; In addition, if you don't pay attention when removing the floor tiles, it may also damage the waterproof, so you should check whether the waterproof is damaged before doing the water avoidance test. If the waterproof is damaged, it must be waterproof again before transforming the kitchen. Now buildings are generally two-way water supply. The kitchens of old buildings are generally supplied with one-way water, so it is best to add a hot water pipe when decorating the kitchen. If the washing machine must be placed in the kitchen, a water supply pipe must be connected

tip: due to the limitation of the structure, the waterway can only be changed to the water supply, not the water supply. Home decoration network





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