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>& gt;& gt; Household ugliness also makes friends talk about the regret of decoration

the home has been decorated twice, once for the old house and once for the new house, leaving some regrets. Although it has been a while, I still feel uncomfortable in my heart. I will sort it out a little and write it out for everyone to learn some experience. The following list only represents personal views. If there is anything wrong, I hope you can correct me

1. Don't believe the introduction of so-called relatives and acquaintances. It's best to really see what they have done and then listen to the opinions of users

2. After getting the house, you should first have an understanding of the whole house, at least with a plan

3. After you have a general idea of decoration, you can call the workers you want to invite to negotiate. If you are an experienced carpenter, you will have some overall planning ability for the house. You can let them talk about their ideas according to your meaning before the whole project is carried out, which may be a good reference for you

4. It is better to know or cooperate with workers. Because the whole project needs them to coordinate together. If each type of work does its own work, you will not be satisfied after the completion of the whole project

5. Carpenters usually introduce painters to you, because they need painters to make up for their bad work, but it may also be bad, because at least the price will not be cheap. A really good painter won't rely on carpentry

6. Don't rush to start the project after setting the project goal. First of all, you must go to the furniture market and be optimistic about the furniture and flooring you may buy, which will be very helpful in the overall design, wiring and color matching in the future

7. The most advanced ones are usually water electricians. Remember that the main water inlet pipe should be the largest diameter in the whole house

8. Do not use bargains for commonly used tap switches

9. If electricians use PVC pipes when wiring, it is better to have no more than 4 wires in each PVC pipe (subject to the movement after the corner). The less joints and elbows of PVC pipes, the better

10. Cable TV lines and telephone lines should not go parallel to the power line to avoid signal interference. If it must be parallel, leave an interval of 50cm or more

11. The electrician must give you a detailed picture of the distribution direction of water and electricity in front of the plasterer's cement wall. The distance between the water pipe and various lines from the edge of the wall corner should be marked on it. And you should randomly verify oneortwo of them. Because you won't remember so clearly after sealing the wall

12. If you don't know much about carpentry, you'd better not buy materials with carpenters, even if you are tired. At least you should go to several more stores to ask about the price and quality of the items on the bill of materials. After purchasing materials, the dealer must indicate the quality on the receipt or invoice

13. Now most of the cabinets are made of sandwich panels, so you must buy lock fasteners. Although the price is more expensive, there are a lot of goods, at least there will be no hollow ones

14. Even if the carpenter's calculation is very good, he still needs to buy more materials, because the consumption is certain, and the amount of materials used is usually refundable (the dealer must indicate on the receipt or invoice)

15. Don't buy the door stopper and hinge of commonly used furniture and doors too cheaply. After all, they should be commonly used. The bad one may affect the external shape and opening and closing of the door

16. It's also good to buy domestic paint. There's no need to pursue Nippon. In fact, love, China Resources, and even the earth are good. I use love, and there's no taste after painting. It's suggested that as long as there are ten ring environmental protection signs (personal point of view)

17. Some friends will knock on some walls to make wall cabinets. The other side of the knocked wall is usually poured with a cement board, At the joint between the cement board and the original wall, it is best for the painter to stick 1-2 layers of gauze with glue, so that in the future, the wall will not have too big cracks exposed in case of vibration

18. If you don't want the wall color of the room to be monotonous, it's best to adjust more colored latex paint first. If it's not enough, it's almost impossible to adjust the same color again, even if it's computer paint

19. About 5% of the carpenter's salary can be set aside. After the project is completed, it will be settled for a short period of time, so as not to find him at any time if there are any problems. Even if you give them a debit note (you should settle it in time as soon as the time comes, after all, it is not easy for others to make money)




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