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The living room is an important comfortable rest area in the family, and it is also an area for visitors. We need beautiful, functional and practical living room space to meet our daily needs. Sofa is an important furniture in the living room

the living room is an important comfortable rest area in the family, and it is also an area for visitors. We need beautiful, functional and practical living room space to meet our daily needs

the sofa is an important furniture in the living room. In addition to the family's leisure time, guests also need to sit down on the sofa for greetings

if you have children or pets at home, you need to consider what type of sofa to buy. There are no more than two kinds of sofa materials, leather sofa and fabric sofa. In fact, after so many years of strength competition, the leather sofa and fabric sofa market has formed a situation in which you have me and I have you, and no one can dominate. Each has its own market and territory, and the audience groups are not in conflict

if you are still worried about what kind of sofa to buy, today's Tino one room customization will talk about their advantages and disadvantages in terms of the material, style, comfort, price, maintenance and other aspects of leather and cloth sofa

I. material PK

leather sofa. A good leather sofa is almost made of ten cow hide. Coupled with cumbersome and meticulous technology, it is comfortable and soft at your fingertips, which is simply unforgettable. With exquisite design, it is placed in the living room, always showing the owner's taste

fabric sofa has more varieties of hair fabric than leather fabric, and cotton sofa is comfortable and warm; Hemp sofa is simple and steady; Velvet sofa is luxury

II. Price pk

because leather materials are rare and expensive. However, most of the skins sold on the market are leather, and the rest are artificial ingredient leather, which is also relatively cheap. The materials needed for fabric sofa can reach mass production, so in terms of price, fabric sofa is the most affordable

III. style pk

leather sofa. Due to the limitation of material selection, the color is limited, mainly in beige, brown, brown, black and other single tones. In terms of style, there are European style and modern style, luxurious and low-key, high-end style

fabric sofa has more flexible styles, including European, American and modern leisure styles. Most of the designs are modern, fashionable, novel and full of personality. The applicable home style is very wide, and is loved and selected by many families

IV. in terms of comfort

the sponge inside is an important factor in the comfort of fabric sofa and leather sofa. The choice of sponges can be improved. Generally, when purchasing sofas, as long as you feel comfortable, after all, you can't cut open the skin to see sponges. The second is the surface material of sofa. There are also good and bad leather and cloth art. When shopping, ask the shopping guide as much as possible to understand the different grades of materials. Of course, the prices will vary with different grades

v. maintenance and service life

leather sofa, you can't use detergent casually, can't wipe with water frequently, can't be scratched or scratched, and you need to wipe maintenance wax regularly. Moreover, if the maintenance is not proper, the leather sofa may also crack and fall off. It takes a little effort to maintain the leather sofa vigorously! If you take good care of it, the service life of leather sofa is higher than that of cloth sofa

for fabric sofa, small vacuum cleaners can be used for daily cleaning. The current sofa design is very intimate, and the fabrics are removable and washable. The cleaning and maintenance of cloth sofa is relatively simple, and its service life will not be greatly affected

in view of the above five PK comparisons, I believe everyone has their own priorities. Go and choose the sofa that suits you! I hope tinoyi's sharing is helpful to you

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