How to decorate a beautiful daughter's room

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539) {this.resized=true; this.width=539;} Border=0> if there is a newly grown daughter in the family, the biggest highlight of the family is the daughter's boudoir. Teenage girls, it is the season of dreaming, how to decorate her room to be satisfactory? Designer tips for you - Girls' mirror Decal yellow expert advice: girls' beds are foldable and movable

is the decoration satisfactory? The designer will help you -

girls' mirror Decal yellow

expert advice: girls' beds are foldable and movable, which is in line with their living age characteristics. Daytime parties increase activity space. Red bedside table and white small table lamp make up for the lack of space color, forming a visual jump. The mirror on the closet will not only meet the residents' requirements of "mirror Decal yellow", but also form a visual extension, so that the small space will no longer appear narrow

you might as well hang a fluttering curtain at the head of the bed, which is the infinite traction of the daughter's dream. There is often a faint smell of perfume in the boudoir, which is pure and never strong. The most distinctive thing is to place cloth dolls, which occupy an obvious position in the boudoir. In addition, there are many cartoon pictures or thousand paper cranes, which are the colorful world made up by girls

make a cloth curtain by yourself

youth is the season of dreams, and the bed is the harbor of dreams. A soft yarn cloth curtain gently hangs down from the top, and the light reflected by the bedside lamp, you might as well try it, and create a dream paradise for yourself by yourself. Young girls are suitable for any color. Bright pink and cream, cute and naive; Red is full of vitality, and these colors make people feel strong and bold; Brown, blue, elegant and beautiful; Dark coffee and olive make people feel calm; Light blue makes people feel simple and refreshing

windowsill decoration reflects girls' mood

when decorating, many people ignore the role of windowsill. With a little decoration, the small windowsill can show infinite style. The windowsill itself is used to make the cabinet, which is marked with small grids. The girls' photo frames, decorations, old records with hidden feelings, and all their favorite small items are placed in it. In this way, the upper window is the outside world, while the lower part is completely your own mood

in front of the window, a low table, several cushions, and a small but warm space were born. No matter work or rest, you can finish it here. You can even use it as a dressing table to drink tea and taste life. The comfortable life begins like this

skillfully decorated with lights

some boudoirs are deliberately painted pink; Others set up a personal boutique window; For everyone who is full of dreams, the lighting in home decoration is very distinctive




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