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Guide for the purchase of household ceiling lamps: when purchasing, you should look three times

lamps whose installation surface is close to the ceiling of the building are commonly known as ceiling lamps, which are used to provide indoor environmental illumination. The light sources that can be used in indoor lamps include ordinary incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, high-intensity gas discharge lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, etc. Ceiling lamps with different light sources are suitable for different places, so how to choose ceiling lamps

main safety requirements and electromagnetic compatibility requirements of lamps

1. The sectional area of internal wiring/external wiring of lamps shall be greater than 0.5mm2/0.75mm2

2. Lamps should be able to be used durably. For lamps using fluorescent lamps, ballasts that can not only work normally under normal conditions, but also provide abnormal protection in case of lamp aging and damage should be selected. The shell, shade and insulating lamp holder of incandescent bulb lamps shall not be burnt or deformed during the durability test

3. Sufficient creepage distance and electrical clearance

4. The insulating material of the main safety parts in the lamp shall be heat-resistant and fire-resistant

5. Lamps and lanterns should have sufficient protection measures against electric shock

6. Lamps should have reasonable structural design and complete processing technology

7. The electromagnetic disturbance of lamps should be within the limits specified in the standard

8. The harmonic current of lamps should be within the limits specified in the standard

how to choose ceiling lamps

ceiling lamps are often used in homes, offices, meeting rooms and other places. When choosing lamps, we should first consider the safety and quality of lamps, and then choose them from the size, height and function of the room

1. Go to regular stores and buy regular goods. You need regular invoices. Don't buy products that are too cheap, and choose products with "Three Guarantees"

2. Advertising is for reference only. It is important to consult the inspection report, especially whether the items such as electric shock protection, durability test and combustion resistance in the inspection report are qualified

3. You should look three times when shopping. Once we check whether the product identification is complete, the identification of formal products is often more standardized. At least the following contents should be identified: trademark or factory name, product model and specification, rated voltage, rated frequency and rated power. Check whether the product model is consistent with the model and specification of the inspection report and safety certification certificate, and whether the electrical parameters are correctly identified. Second, look at the power line of the lamp, and the cross-sectional area of the conductor should be ≥ 0.75mm2. Third, check whether the electrified body of the lamp is exposed. After the light source is installed into the lamp holder, fingers should not touch the electrified metal lamp cap




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