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Friends who have handled loans know that decoration loans refer to RMB loans issued by banks to individuals who are decorated by designated decoration companies. But many people still don't know the relevant processes and precautions. Today, Xiaobian will send you the most practical house decoration loan application guide! I hope it can help friends who need loans for decoration

first of all, let's take a look at the conditions for applying for a house decoration loan? The following four conditions are the simplest conditions for decoration loans that Xiaobian understands at present:

1, at least 18 years old, with full civil capacity

2. Have permanent residence and fixed residence in the city, and hold valid identity certificates

3. Have a legitimate occupation and stable economic income, be able to pay the first installment of decoration according to the specified proportion, have good credit, and ensure the repayment of loan principal and interest on schedule. The decorated house must be self owned

4. It can provide property mortgage, pledge or third-party guarantee recognized by the lender

secondly, the applicant for house decoration loan should provide the following information:

1, the borrower's ID card, household register or valid residence status certificate and marriage status certificate

2. Income and property certificates of the borrower and other members of his family and the guarantor

3. Provide the original of the family room decoration construction budget and decoration contract issued by the decoration company and approved by both parties

4. Proof of the borrower's address (any of the monthly bills of water, electricity and gas)

5. Provide property mortgage, pledge or third-party guarantee approved by the lender

6. Personal housing decoration loan application form

7. Other information required by the lending bank

finally, let's learn about the loan limit, guarantee method and repayment method. At present, the maximum amount of house decoration loan application cannot be more than 70% of the total price of the "family room decoration construction contract", and the maximum amount of loan cannot be more than 150000 yuan (including). Once an application for a house decoration loan is made, it is necessary to provide a guarantee. At present, banks only accept guarantees in the form of mortgage, pledge or third-party guarantee. After the house decoration loan application is successful, it must be repaid. At present, there are two options for repayment and loan: 1 If the borrowing period of personal housing decoration loan is less than 1 year, the repayment method of interest with principal shall be adopted. 2. If the loan term is more than one year, the principal and interest of the loan shall be repaid by monthly repayment, that is, the lender shall actively deduct from the borrower's bank card every month as entrusted by the letter of authorization for transfer

Xiaobian reminds you here that if you need to repay in advance, whether you repay in part or in full, you should submit a written application to the lender one month in advance. Remember that it is a written application




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