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Amazing 2012: Sophia wardrobe carries out environmental protection creativity to the end

2012: Sophia wardrobe carries out environmental protection creativity to the end

2011 is about to pass. For many people, 2012 is an environmental protection year, people have a deeper understanding of environmental protection, and more environmental protection events have gone deep into daily life

in many environmental protection actions, some household enterprises have played an important role. They continue to create environmental protection miracles and make environmental protection life more popular by producing household decoration materials with a high level of environmental protection, promoting and popularizing environmental protection household solutions, and launching environmental protection public welfare activities. Among them, Renowned "China is undoubtedly the leader of this trend.

what is different is that delphia wardrobe is not only committed to spreading the concept of environmental protection from the perspective of its own products, but also to subtly affect people's lives in the form of creativity, and stimulate people's enthusiasm for environmental protection. In 2012, the five actions of delphia wardrobe carried out creative environmental protection to the end, so that people can experience environmental protection again, which could have been so "Amazing"

establish a new standard of environmental protection for urban home life

the observation report on the environmental protection level of urban home life in China and the ranking list of environmental protection cities in China were carefully prepared and released by Sophia wardrobe

it is understood that delphia wardrobe is weighted by a series of objective and subjective indicators related to the environmental protection level of home life, which cover two aspects: indoor environmental protection factors and outdoor environmental protection factors

in the observation of indoor environmental protection at home, it mainly includes wall paint, furniture, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, cabinets, household appliances, lamps, soft decoration and other factors; In the observation of outdoor environmental protection at home, it is subdivided into air, water source, noise and other factors

the data are from 30 sample cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. After detailed investigation and calculation, Chengdu ranks first. According to the evaluation of senior insiders, at a time when many indexes are gloomy, the appearance of Sophia's wardrobe and the new establishment of new urban environmental protection standards have not only had a far-reaching impact on people's environmental awareness and home life, but also created a classic case of Sophia's wardrobe marketing

environmental protection wardrobe and clothing exhibition creative environmental protection Great Wall trip

on September 30, the staff of Sophia's wardrobe boarded the Great Wall with small props to promote environmental protection to tourists in the novel form of behavioral art "wardrobe and clothing exhibition"

in the wardrobe clothing exhibition, works with the theme of ecological environmental protection were displayed through model performances and paint paintings, which attracted thousands of tourists to stop and watch and participate. According to incomplete statistics, through integrated communication, the wardrobe clothing exhibition has had a huge impact, and millions of people have learned about this event directly or indirectly, which has become a classic case in the history of the development of China's coating industry and environmental protection

delphia wardrobe beauty real life calendar Amazing Network, calendar is a common thing in life, however, 3A environmental protection paint delphia wardrobe makes use of such an ordinary thing, adds the elements of beauty and environmental protection, and turns it into a creative thing

the picture of the daily life calendar of Sophia's wardrobe is all about environmental protection, covering all the details of people's daily life, such as turning off the lights and water, using less plastic bags, eating more green vegetables, buying environmentally friendly household products, etc

at present, the calendar pictures are being serialized online, and more than 180 pictures have been published. The calendar was launched, causing millions of netizens to watch. People expressed "amazing eyeballs" one after another, and affectionately called the beauty "calendar sister"

"love baby" parent-child graffiti competition helps happy environmental protection

in golden autumn October, the "love baby" parent-child graffiti competition in delphia wardrobe was opened, and online and offline competitions were launched simultaneously in several cities across the country. At that time, there was a "graffiti fever" across the country

this activity is for children aged 3-12 nationwide, with the theme of "my environmental protection proposition". The activity is divided into two stages: Online preliminaries and national finals. Contestants can choose to participate online or offline. The winner will enter the voting stage of the national finals on November 10. At present, the event has come to a perfect conclusion, and the winners of the finals and specific awards have been released one after another

relevant educators believe that this recreational form of competition, injected with environmental elements, can not only bring happiness to children, but also plant the seeds of environmental protection in their minds

"the way of delphia Wardrobe" witnessed China's environmental protection process

"the way of delphia Wardrobe" brings together the brand stories of the growth of delphia wardrobe for more than ten years, and tells the rise of the brand of delphia wardrobe from many perspectives, such as the development process of 3A environmental protection paint, the environmental beauty of wardrobe space, the pure environmental protection landscape, environmental protection marketing, the way of delphia wardrobe, etc

it is worth noting that "the way of dephia Wardrobe" is not only about the environmental protection road of dephia wardrobe, but more about the rise of an "environmental hero", describing the development path of the entire wardrobe industry towards environmental protection, and showing people the mystery of using environmental protection wardrobe to create a beautiful and pure life

according to the evaluation of senior people in the industry, the story of dephia wardrobe environmental protection brand "the way of dephia Wardrobe" has deeply witnessed the environmental protection process of Chinese wardrobe, and interpreted the environmental protection growth of the brand from a more professional and in-depth level, which is worth reading and learning carefully





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