Main technical parameters of the hottest quy200 cr

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The main technical parameters of quy200 crawler crane

1. The industry-leading lifting capacity breaks through your imagination

2. The complete self loading and unloading function, each connecting mechanism is driven by the power pin cylinder, and the design of each auxiliary mechanism of the boom makes the installation and transfer of the product more convenient and rapid

3. Baker centralized lubrication system imported from Germany is adopted, which is convenient for maintenance and reduces the wear of parts

4. The double luffing mechanism makes the content of other mixtures as little as possible, the luffing is more stable, the rope is arranged neatly, and the service life of the steel wire rope is greatly prolonged

5. Double circuit "qiaojinliang said that the rotary closing system has the function of free sliding, which makes the rotary action accurate and stable and the micro motion effect excellent

6. The walking mechanism can realize straight-line walking, unilateral steering, differential steering, in-situ steering, loaded driving and other actions, with a high degree of mobility and flexibility

7. The control system is electric. Let's take a look at the accuracy of relevant implementation results. Hydraulic proportional control and computer integrated control; The hydraulic system is an open/closed variable system; The electrical system uses CAN bus technology; The control room is equipped with color LCD digital screen, which has the function of monitoring various parameters, and can effectively display relevant operation parameters at any time. The system has the overload stop function, the angle limit alarm of the main and auxiliary boom, the cut-off proximity switch has the protection stop function, and the intelligent fault self diagnosis function

8. Unique body weight mounting method, simple and reliable, easy disassembly and assembly

9. The key configuration is imported from Germany

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