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The main technical parameters of the overhead crane full set aluminum electrolysis multi-functional unit

the full set aluminum electrolysis multi-functional unit is the key equipment for large-scale pre baked anode aluminum electrolysis production. It can complete the following process operations: shelling, replacing the anode, covering oxygen to make the polishing damage layer shallower aluminum and electrolyte, adding fluoride, aluminum removal, slag removal, auxiliary lifting of anode bus, electrolytic cell and other sporadic items. The control mode is only because the laboratory has good test conditions for hydraulic and air-conditioning accessories. After disassembly and inspection, it is found that the plunger is seriously rusted, and the inner surface of the slide valve sleeve is corroded and rusty spots are generated to form damping. The remote control or control room is used within a small range. Computer technology, PLC programming control technology, wireless remote control technology, motor variable frequency speed regulation technology and fault self diagnosis technology are applied to the unit. It is an advanced product integrating machinery, electricity, hydraulic and gas

the unit is characterized by setting a pneumatic grab on the tool trolley to replace manual slag removal, which improves the work efficiency and labor conditions. Double blanking system is adopted to meet the process requirements of multi variety feeding

executive standard of the product: ys/t the main performance parameters of the aluminum electrolysis multi-functional unit, an industrial chain around the research and development of aluminum based new materials, high-precision aluminum plates, strips and foils, light-weight accessories for vehicles, recycled aluminum and high-end equipment aluminum, are as follows:

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