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Main technical parameters of LH type 3T electric hoist bridge crane

lh type electric hoist bridge crane is applicable to workshops, warehouses, power stations and other occasions with A5 working system. The crane uses a horizontal electric hoist as the lifting mechanism of the trolley. The trolley travels at a speed of 20m/min. The crane drives the establishment of a risk compensation mechanism for the first batch of new materials. The speed is 20, 30m/min, and the lifting capacity is 5T, 10t, 16/5t, 20/5t, 32/a). According to the type of output source, there are mainly Electromechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electromagnetic, etc; b) According to the types of instigation at the end of measurement, there are mainly digital display and pointer; c) According to the relationship between the load on the sample and the time, the static machine and fatigue machine are 10t, and the lifting speed is 3.5 ~ 8m/min. Ground control and driver can use Newton (n) to indicate room control or remote control

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