Main technical parameters of the hottest scc800c c

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Main technical parameters of scc800c crawler crane

1. safe control system: the two operation modes of work and installation are convenient and reliable; It is equipped with functions such as levelness real-time display, off-board stop action, emergency electrical control, lightning protection, automatic direction adjustment for walking, closed-circuit monitoring, etc., and the safety and monitoring devices are complete

2. excellent operating performance: load sensing, limit load regulation and electro-hydraulic proportional speed control make each action have excellent micro motion and more stable operation

3. reliable function guarantee: all key components are of international famous brands: the safety margin of structure and mechanism design is sufficient; The control system can open the oil return valve in high temperature, high temperature and cold weather, and operate stably in the harsh environment of strong wind and sand

4. convenient maintenance technology: the approach time of the parts to be adjusted shall not be greater than 10min/person, the approach time of the parts to be daily maintained shall not be greater than 30min/person, and the longest approach time of maintenance shall not be greater than 2h/person; It is also equipped with G remote monitoring system, which can facilitate the maintenance and management of the equipment

5. strong lifting capacity: the maximum lifting capacity of the main boom is 80t 4.3m=344t m. The longest main boom 5 is 49m+18m because its surface is honeycombed with a pattern of 8m; The rated single rope tension of the main and auxiliary hoist is strong, and the additional counterweight condition further improves the lifting capacity of the medium and long simultaneous boom

6. flexible configuration combination: free hook dropping function main coil can be selected

7. large chassis design: widenable track frame to ensure 360. Excellent machine and operation stability within the rotation range

8. optimized transportation scheme: with crawler expansion function, the maximum transportation width of the whole machine is 3.4m; It can be transported as a whole with crawler frame

9. reliable transmission system: international well-known brand hydraulic technology, the system is stable and has higher reliable performance

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