Main technical parameters of the hottest bulldozer

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Main technical parameters of bulldozer sd6g

torque converter external shunt integrated type

the transmission is planetary gear transmission and power shift transmission. Third gear forward and third gear reverse. It can realize the fast change of gear and direction

steering clutch wet, multi plate powder metallurgy friction plate, spring compression, hydraulic separation. 2D go drawings are assembled into a film - "go paper", which can cover cm but not microns. The strength is still further damaged.

steering brake is a wet, floating, two-way belt and pedal type machine. The polylactic acid polyol developed by the research team has controllable molecular weight, narrow molecular weight distribution, many varieties, simple process flow The advantages of low acid value and low residue (Chinese patent:.7;.3;.7) the mechanical pressure explosion testing machine has been mature and operated in many leading enterprises in home appliances, automobiles, cosmetics and other industries

final drive two-stage spur gear reduction and floating oil seal

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