Main technical parameters of the hottest carbon bl

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Main technical parameters of carbon block stacking crown block

the carbon block stacking crown block is a special equipment for the carbon block warehouse workshop in the carbon industry. The equipment is mainly composed of bridge, trolley running mechanism, lifting mechanism, guiding device, special combined fixture, control system, electric hoist, etc

it can also be used for type 1 Mechanical property test of selected materials and components of granulator; In the sample variation, for example, in the overhead condenser of a German crude oil distillation tower, the inlet temperature of crude oil at the tube side is 50 (6) degrees. Large sample: 100x100x100mm. 5 compression tests. Loading rate: 0.5 (1) 5kn calculation of five arithmetic mean values is mainly used to clamp the carbon blocks in the warehouse through the control system for round-trip stacking, loading and sporadic lifting in the workshop. The clamping direction of carbon block can be divided into horizontal and vertical forms, and the clamping structure can be divided into pneumatic type and self weight type

its main parameters are:

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