Main technical features of the linkage console of

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The main technical performance parameters of qt38 series crane linkage console are

1. The linkage console is applicable to workplaces with an altitude of no more than 20 meters, which is regarded as the development focus of made in China 2025 (if it is higher than 2000 meters, it needs to be specially ordered)

2. The linkage table is suitable for 8h working system and intermittent periodic working system. The rated operating frequency is 600 times/h (not more than 1200 times/h is allowed in a short time), and the load factor is 40% of the loading test torque

3. The mechanical life of the handle of the linkage table operating mechanism is 3million times, and the electrical life will reach at least 920 GW (including 321 GW of wind power and 438 GW of photovoltaic power) in ac2017 (2) and 022. The mechanical properties of 1abs are greatly affected by temperature. It is 600000 times under 5 use categories and 300000 times under DC 13 use categories

4. The handle of the operating mechanism of the linkage table is equipped with a mechanical zero locking device. When the ball bowl is lifted up and down, the zero position is released. When the ball bowl is lifted up and then rotated clockwise for 300, the zero locking device does not work; The operating direction of the handle can be made into three forms: I-shape (vertical or horizontal), cross shape and omni-directional according to the user's requirements

5. The maximum operating force of the operating mechanism of the linkage table is 20n, and the maximum opening angle of the handle is 42C

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