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Main technical parameters of rt100 off-road tire crane

rt100 is a 100 ton off-road tire crane of Zoomlion. Independently developed by Zoomlion, it is widely used in lifting operations and installation projects in oil fields, chemical industry, mines, ports and wharves, and construction sites, especially in various complex off-road road conditions


maximum rated lifting capacity (T):100

maximum rated lifting torque (kn.m):3339

maximum rated lifting torque full reach (kn.m):1388

maximum lifting height - full reach (m):45.6

maximum lifting height - basic boom + auxiliary boom (m):63

boom length - basic boom (m):11.5

boom length - full reach(m):43

jib length (m):10 5

maximum lifting speed of main winch (m/min):126

boom full extension time (s):170/full retraction 158

boom full lifting/lowering time (s):82/69

slewing speed (r/min): 5

the highest driving speed, especially the topic to be touched by the polyurethane industry, is the development degree of the Asia Pacific region (km/h):24

maximum climbing gradient (%):74

overall length (mm):14247

overall width (mm "):3620

overall height (mm):3960

working weight (T):65

outrigger span (longitudinal and transverse) (m):8000 7900

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