Main technical parameters and performance requirem

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Main technical parameters and performance requirements of exhaust valve

c. the strength test pressure is 1.5 MPa

d. the water closing pressure of the exhaust valve shall be ≤ 0.02 MPa

e. the air closing pressure of the exhaust valve shall be ≥ 0.07 MPa

10. Test on breaking strength and elongation at break of alkali resistant mesh fabric (gb/t7689.5 ⑵ 001 test method for woven fabrics of reinforcing materials Part 5: Determination of tensile breaking strength and elongation at break of glass fiber)

F. the pressure test shall comply with the provisions of the standard gb/t13927

g. the connecting flange shall comply with the standard gb/t17241 Provisions of

② performance requirements

a. the exhaust valve shall have a large exhaust capacity, which can quickly exhaust and restore to the normal water supply capacity in a very short time when the empty pipe is filled with water

b. when the exhaust valve has negative pressure in the pipe, the piston should be able to quickly open the shell of the object and quickly suck in a large amount of external air, so as to ensure that the pipeline will not be damaged due to negative pressure. And it can discharge the trace air accumulated in the pipeline under the working pressure. The whole industry chain technology of polymer surface materials will form a complete one. This will introduce the use and operation method of the friction and wear testing machine. The research and development platform

c. the exhaust valve should have a relatively high air closing pressure. In a short time before the piston is closed, it should be able to discharge the air in the pipeline and improve the water delivery efficiency

d. the water closing pressure of the exhaust valve shall not be greater than 0.02MPa. The exhaust valve can be closed under low water pressure to avoid a large amount of water gushing out

e. stainless steel floating ball (floating barrel) shall be used as the opening and closing parts of the exhaust valve

f. the exhaust valve body shall be equipped with an anti impact protection inner cylinder to prevent the floating ball (bucket) from being damaged prematurely due to the direct impact of high-speed water flow after a large amount of exhaust

g. the exhaust valve with DN ≥ 100 adopts a split structure, which is composed of a large number of exhaust valves and automatic exhaust valves to meet the requirements of pipeline pressure. The automatic exhaust valve shall adopt a multiple lever mechanism, so that the buoyancy of the floating ball can be greatly amplified, the closing water level is low, the impurities in the water are not easy to contact the sealing surface, the exhaust port will not be blocked, and its anti blocking performance can be greatly improved. At the same time, under high pressure, due to the additional force of the complex lever, the floating ball can fall synchronously with the water level, and the hoist will not be sucked by high pressure like the traditional valve, so as to exhaust normally

h. under the conditions of high flow rate, frequent start of water pump and DN ≥ 100 caliber, the exhaust valve shall be equipped with a buffer plug valve to reduce the impact of water flow. The buffer plug valve shall be able to prevent a large amount of water spray without affecting a large amount of exhaust, so that the water delivery efficiency will not be affected, and effectively prevent the occurrence of water hammer

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