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Rubber daily review on November 4: the long and short competition is fierce, and Shanghai Rubber sideways volatility

on November 4, Shanghai natural rubber futures maintained a narrow consolidation, with each contract rising and falling, and the main 1001 contract opened slightly higher, reorganized near the short-term average, increased positions and reduced volume. 1001 contract opened at 19150 yuan/ton and closed at 19095 yuan/ton, which was 45 yuan/ton lower than the settlement price on January 3. The trading volume was 394268 hands and the position was 150058 hands

on the disk, Shanghai Jiaotong rose and fell, the intraday trading was very volatile, and the long and short competition was fierce. It fluctuated around the 5-day moving average all day. Due to the lack of clear guidance, it is expected to maintain a volatile trend in the short term

in terms of crude oil, NYMEX crude oil futures held above $79 in Asian electronic trading on the 4th, which rose on the 3rd due to market expectations that U.S. economic growth would boost crude oil demand. The United States is the world's largest energy consumer. At 15:00 Beijing time, NYMEX December crude oil futures fell 10 cents to $79.5/barrel

weather conditions, natural rubber production area in Thailand, sunny in North Central Thailand, cloudy in the South; In the natural rubber producing area of Malaysia, there is rain in the south of the Malay Peninsula and in the north of Kalimantan island; The Tianjiao producing area in Indonesia is cloudy north of the equator of Sumatra island, cloudy south of the equator of Sumatra island, and cloudy south of Kalimantan island; China's natural rubber production area, Hainan is cloudy, Yunnan is cloudy weather. The weather in the production area will not have a serious impact on the supply of natural rubber

in the spot market, on November 3, the official FOB quotation of Malaysian standard glue SMR20 in December remained stable in the morning, and the official FOB quotation of Thai Bangkok tobacco glue RSS3 in December remained stable. The atmosphere in the spot market was calm, the enthusiasm for economic recovery declined, and the price did not rise significantly. The decision of the three major rubber producing countries to terminate the export reduction plan means that the supply of spot goods has increased, but the previous reduction plan may not play an important role and the impact will not be too great. China's procurement is still light, and the auto market is facing some pressure, because the stimulus plans of various countries are about to expire and the supply peak is about to pass. The spot price Tong Peide said that GE remains stable and the upward space is limited. The spot market has a little support for the futures market

in other aspects, it is said that the formulation of market access conditions for the tire industry has been completed, and the Ministry of industry and information technology may soon issue policies. The access threshold will be required in terms of capacity and scale, as well as product varieties. The China tire association has suggested that the government cancel the foreign trade proprietary rights of some enterprises and dealers with poor product quality, low export prices and poor reputation. This shows that the government is considering giving some policy support to the tire industry. However, it is possible to compress the output of the tire industry, which is generally conducive to the development of the tire industry and will also be conducive to the recovery of natural rubber demand in the long term. The test projects are relatively fixed

in terms of spot goods, the linked unit price of Hainan agricultural reclamation is 18265 yuan/ton, down from yesterday; The pending order of Yunnan market is 18208 yuan/ton, which is the same as yesterday. At present, the overall transaction volume of the market is lower than that in the early stage. The international market transactions are based on the advantages of industrial chain cooperation: the peers are hot partners, the old and light, and the factories and downstream have shown a high degree of caution. The CIF port quotation is unchanged from the previous day, with RSS3 quoted in US dollars/ton and sir20 quoted in US dollars/ton; The market quotation in the bonded area is scarce, and most operators suspend quotation and are not in a hurry to ship. RSS3 is quoted as USD/ton, and sir20 is quoted as USD/ton

at present, there is a lack of new operation information on the fundamentals of Shanghai rubber market, and the trend is still in the shock stage. The crude oil market in the peripheral market has also fluctuated sharply with the economic data recently. When the rubber market lacks its own operational factors, it is necessary to pay attention to the changes in the external market, and it is expected to continue to maintain a volatile trend in the short term

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