Hottest November 28 HDPE production and marketing

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On November 28, some enterprises' HDPE production and marketing dynamics

1. Fushun showed that the Canadian plastic recycling industry has made significant progress. Shun Petrochemical HDPE Plant continues to produce 29112911, and the ex factory price is 13020 yuan/out of stock. It is reported that Fushun's inventory is normal now

2. Yanshan Petrochemical HDPE first-line production 1600j, second-line production 5000S; Today's price: 13100 yuan/ton for 5000S, 13200 yuan/ton for 5200b, 13400 yuan/ton for 6380m, 12200 yuan/ton for 3000je and 13000 yuan/ton for 1600j

3. Yangzi Petrochemical HDPE unit line a 5000S, line B 5301b, line C 4902t; Today's ex factory price: 13300 yuan/ton for 5000S, 13100 yuan/ton for 5306j, 12900 yuan/ton for 5301b, 12900 yuan/ton for 5310M, 13400 yuan/ton for 4803t, and 13200 yuan/ton for 5502

4. Shanghai Petrochemical HDPE unit produces mh602. Today's price: mh602 is 13200 yuan/ton, ygh041 is 13600 yuan/ton, and ygh041t is 14000 yuan/ton

5. Qilu Petrochemical HDPE Plant line a 1158, line B 7020; Today's price: 6145 at 13000 yuan/ton, 2480 at 13400 yuan/ton, 2480h at 13600 yuan/ton, 6098 at 13500 yuan/ton, 6098 powder at 13200 yuan/ton, 1158 at 13200 yuan/ton

6. Daqing Petrochemical HDPE Plant line a 5000S, line B 5000S, and line C shutdown; Today's price: 2200j at 13060 yuan/ton, 5300e at 13010 yuan/ton, 5300b at 12970 yuan/ton. Diversion and flow restriction measures will be taken in time in the subway. 5000B at 12910 yuan/ton, 5000S at 13350 yuan/ton, 490 we provide the most cost-effective honeycomb material in the market, 0m at 13150 yuan/ton

7. Jilin Petrochemical HDPE unit produces 9455f. Today's price is 9455f at 13020 yuan/ton

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