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On November 6, market analysis and comments on various domestic light textile raw materials

on November 6, PTA prices still rose, and me prices continued to rise strongly. Half light, big plus the usual accurate protection of the experimental machine, the price of light polyester slice and CDP slice still increased slightly; The price of polyester bottles and chips is temporarily consolidated; The price of polyester staple fiber rose again, and acrylic staple fiber was 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × The price of 102mm is stable; The prices of CPL and nylon 6 chips were stable. Viscose staple fiber price consolidation. The polyester market trading volume was basically flat compared with yesterday. After a slight increase in fine denier FDY varieties on the 5th, the overall quotation of polyester was basically stable. At present, the pressure of downstream funds and grey cloth inventory is still large, and there are few actions to make a substantial replenishment. Traders believe that they are not strong in understanding the current polyester market. 3. Understanding the after-sales service is not strong, and they still operate with a low inventory. However, with the sustainable development of China's agriculture in the upstream and the rising cost of global raw material prices, the overall market trend of polyester in the future will remain volatile and upward. The overall quotation of the yarn market, except for the price rise of individual polyester cotton yarn varieties, other types are relatively stable, and the sales volume is basically the same as yesterday. From the perspective of variety trend, the sales volume of all cotton yarn J21S and 30s is better. However, the trading volume in the cotton yarn market is still shrinking. Polyester viscose yarn is almost unchanged from yesterday's quotation year-on-year; The price trend of pure polyester yarn remains stable, while the price of polyester staple fiber fluctuates and rises. At present, the average market price reaches 11750 yuan/t. It is expected that the price of polyester yarn will be pushed up in the future

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