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On August 24, 2005 Taizhou printing and packaging and corrugated box equipment exhibition was held in Taizhou Hengjie printing industry cluster in Zhejiang Province

it is understood that Hengjie Town, Luqiao District, Taizhou is known as the "hometown of printing". There are more than 150 printing and packaging enterprises of all kinds registered in the town, more than 500 individual industrial and commercial households, and nearly 20000 employees. In 2004, the printing and packaging industry in Hengjie town achieved an industrial output value of 1.5 billion yuan, accounting for more than 30% of the total industrial output value of the town. The density and per capita output value of Hengjie printing and packaging enterprises ranked first in the country

the exhibition was hosted by Hengjie town government, Taizhou printing industry association and Zhejiang Sanxin printing materials Co., Ltd

in the 1500 square meter exhibition hall, there are nearly 100 well-known and representative enterprises from Taiwan Bisheng, Wangchang, shuishun, China beiren group, Jiangxi Zhongjing group, Shanghai Electric Group and other printing and packaging industries. 11. Press the "quick drop" key. The exhibition has a complete range of products, and the printing and packaging machinery and equipment on display involve every field and process of the printing and packaging industry

in the morning of the same day, a Taizhou printing industry development seminar was also held to discuss the existing problems and development direction of the printing industry

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