Ma'anshan Yushan District, the hottest area, fully

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Ma'anshan Yushan district has made every effort to promote the centralized development of "intelligent manufacturing"

since this year, the intelligent equipment (robot) industrial base in Ma'anshan Yushan district has been very "lively", and the results achieved are also very awesome. Orders from Huning, Huachuang, Fanghong and other enterprises continue. Ruitai technology has made intelligent refractory materials and went to Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan Shangqiu and other places to sign and land four major projects here, and a number of projects are also being negotiated and settled. In the first quarter, the base achieved a total output value of 1.26 billion yuan, a fixed asset investment of 152 million yuan and a tax of 76 million yuan

since the beginning of the year, Yushan district has continuously increased investment attraction, accelerated the progress of project construction, actively built a development platform, improved the level of service enterprises, and rapidly gathered and expanded the traction robot industry. Visit the members of the four global robot families, investigate the leading enterprises of domestic robot core parts, general robot ontology, service robot and intelligent manipulator, and connect with China robot industry alliance and service robot industry alliance. The district's joint city war new investment group has successively traveled to Beijing, Tianjin and other places to survey the robot and core parts industry chain at home and abroad, create a panorama and seek a development path. "The development direction of the robot industry in the cluster, such as the manufacturing of sailing equipment, hockey clubs and motorcycle helmets, has been preliminarily clarified, and we are also actively applying to join the China robot industry alliance." Taoenchun, director of the Management Committee of Yushan Economic Development Zone, said

investment attraction is precise, and project funds come one after another. Up to now, four projects with a total investment of nearly 800million yuan have been signed and settled, including Ruitai technology refractory intelligent manufacturing base project, pre established Seiko high-end precision machining and industrial robot project, evka automobile testing equipment R & D and production project, and AI Zhi robot R & D project. A number of projects in Shanghai, such as Taier intelligent industrial park project and Anyuan intelligent robot project, are about to be signed, which will reserve momentum for the development of the industrial base

"in the next step, we will focus on building three concentration areas of system integration and application, special robots and service robots with the core of Taier intelligent industrial park." Taoenchun said that the district will further draw industrial maps and investment promotion maps, continue to strengthen investment promotion, integrate idle resources, do a good job in land use planning, and establish a national enterprise, talent, base and other databases. At the same time, accelerate the introduction of support policies for the intelligent equipment (robot) industry of the base, improve the green channel for the construction of intelligent equipment projects, and speed up the construction of projects under construction and the signing and landing of projects under discussion, according to the information system of Cisco innovation; Accelerate the construction of various national and provincial engineering (Technology) research centers, enterprise technology centers and other R & D platforms, focus on the introduction and cultivation of intelligent equipment technology giants and high-level scientific and technological talent teams, actively expand the establishment of common testing and inspection platforms such as robot machines and system level test and verification platforms, introduce venture capital, establish industrial funds, direct equity investment and other ways to broaden enterprise investment and financing channels, Further promote the prosperity and development of intelligent equipment (robot) industry

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