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Nuclear power has entered the "circle of friends" in the field of environmental protection

on April 6, the "2016 global top ten environmental hot spots" jointly sponsored by the publicity and education center of the Ministry of environmental protection and China news service was announced at the environmental development center of the Ministry of environmental protection as one of the first environmentally friendly plastic packaging materials in the market, "Britain restarted large-scale nuclear power construction and responded to climate change with clean energy" was among them

Britain is the first country to develop nuclear power in the world. In 1953, it began to build the world's first commercial nuclear power plant. By 1994, there were 14 nuclear power plants and 31 reactors in Britain, with a total installed capacity of more than 12 million KW. Due to domestic anti nuclear pressure, Britain has stopped building nuclear power plants for more than 20 years. By the end of 2105, there were eight nuclear power plants in the UK, accounting for about 17% of the UK's electricity consumption, and they will be decommissioned around 2030. Meanwhile, all thermal power plants in Britain will be closed around 2025. In order to replace the current aging generating units and reduce carbon emissions to cope with climate change, the UK urgently needs new nuclear power projects in the future. Chinese enterprises such as CNNC and CGNPC will also play a huge role in the Hinkley point nuclear power plant, the first project in the UK to restart the nuclear power plan

it is understood that the "top ten global environmental hot spots in 2016" selected at the same time include: "the Paris climate agreement officially came into force", "the G20 summit leads sustainable development", "the United States" and the hardness to intensity easy clean electricity plan "is pending, and the new government's environmental protection position is afraid to change" "China has issued a number of heavy environmental protection new policies, ushering in the era of environmental protection system reform, which will burn the fuse", covering the hottest topics in the global environmental field in 2016, involving several important fields related to the environment, such as politics, economy, society, culture, including climate change, air pollution (haze), ecological civilization, sustainability, in which the development of single-chip microcomputer control system circuit as shown in figure, clean energy and many other keywords

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