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With the launch of the nuclear power industry, the original power supply pattern will be broken, and the power industry will form a new pattern of multiple complementary power sources with nuclear power, hydropower, coal power and wind power going hand in hand

after the second phase of Changjiang nuclear power is put into operation in 2020, the installed capacity of four 650000 kW units will reach 2.6 million KW. At that time, the proportion of Hainan nuclear power will account for about 47% of the power structure, and Hainan will enter the real era of nuclear power. "Vigorously developing new energy has become the current strategic choice for Hainan Province to solve the contradiction between supply and demand and achieve sustainable development. It is an important means to increase energy supply, improve energy structure and promote environmental protection, and nuclear power is the fundamental way to solve the problem of energy, especially power supply in our Province." Chen Cheng, vice governor of Hainan Province, said

the acceleration of power construction cannot hide the contradiction of power shortage

to develop the economy, power needs to go first. In order to develop the economy, Hainan clearly put forward: "laying the foundation, power first."

however, since Hainan's energy consumption is dominated by coal, thermal power has been dominant for a long time, and the installed capacity of coal-fired power accounts for about 67% of the total installed capacity of power generation; The proportion of hydropower and wind power is relatively small, and the installed capacity only accounts for about 25%

Hainan's power generation energy resources are very limited. Among them, the hydropower development rate has reached 66%, and the remaining development capacity is very limited; Hainan is poor in coal resources. Coal for power generation depends on the input of coal from outside the island. The cost is high and the transportation pressure is high. Coal power also brings serious pollution problems; Although the sea area under its jurisdiction is rich in oil and gas resources, it is difficult to meet a large number of gas sources used for power generation in the near future

driven by the accelerated economic development in recent years, Hainan's power demand has increased rapidly, and the contradiction between supply and demand has become increasingly prominent. In 2007, there was the longest and largest power shortage since 1992, with the largest power gap of 390000 kW, which lasted for 230 days

with the acceleration of Hainan's industrialization process, it is predicted that by 2010, the maximum power load in Hainan will reach 2.9 million KW, and the power gap will reach 5.6 million kW in 2020. Insufficient power supply will become a huge bottleneck in Hainan's economic development

"this means that the power supply in Hainan Province will face a serious power shortage crisis." Industry insiders believe that "to solve this problem, Hainan must open up new energy channels." Nuclear power has entered into a new pattern of Hainan power supply

"with the economic development of Hainan, the demand for electricity is increasing, and the power supply construction in Hainan is extremely unstable, resulting in power shortage. However, the current power supply pattern in Hainan is unreasonable, and the contradiction between power supply and demand is particularly prominent, so only by forming a diversified and complementary power supply pattern, can we alleviate the pressure of power supply." Said Ye Zhanghe, deputy director of Hainan Provincial Development and Reform Commission

the Hainan nuclear power project located in the west of Hainan has carried out preliminary work, and with the vigorous promotion of Huaneng Dongfang Power Plant, the prototype of the main project of Daguangba phase II Gezhen junction is emerging, and Wenchang wind power plant is expected to generate power by the end of the year... Various signs show that with the start of nuclear power, the original power supply pattern of Hainan has been broken, forming a new power supply pattern in which Hainan nuclear power, hydropower, coal power and wind power go hand in hand and complement each other

but does this mean that nuclear power will rob part of the market share of traditional power generation enterprises, and will have an impact on traditional power enterprises

for this problem, Wang Youkui, chairman of Hainan water resources and Power Group Co., Ltd., said that it is still difficult to draw a conclusion about how much impact nuclear power will have on Hainan's traditional power generation enterprises after the Changjiang nuclear power project is put into operation. He said that no matter what kind of power supply, each has its own advantages. From another point of view, it can play a complementary role and provide a reliable power supply for the safe and stable operation of Hainan power

Chen Dabing, general manager of Guodian Hainan Daguangba Power Generation Co., Ltd., also had the same answer. He said that the entry of nuclear power into Hainan has little impact on Hydropower in Hainan Province, because nuclear power carries a stable load, that is, the basic load in electrification (that is, a stable load within the safety range of the nuclear motor unit), while hydropower generally operates in peak shaving (peak shaving refers to the electrical adjustment load, which increases when the power demand increases. All samples between the two clamps will get different degrees of tensile deformation power generation, and vice versa), Therefore, nuclear power is not as fast and free as hydropower

"in fact, nuclear power entering Hainan can form a complementary situation with other power sources, which is conducive to improving the unreasonable layout of power sources." Chen Dabing said. "As a power enterprise, I hope Hainan will develop nuclear power, which is in line with Hainan's strategy of building an ecological province." Wang Youkui believes that at present, nuclear power technology has matured, and the development of nuclear power can solve the contradiction between energy supply and demand for a long time, alleviate the power shortage crisis in Hainan Province, and ensure the stability and safety of power supply in Hainan, as well as the sustainability of fatigue life of several fatigue testing machines produced by Shandong Star high tech

energy diversification and complementary optimization of power supply structure

it is understood that CNNC Hainan Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. currently mainly develops Changjiang nuclear power station. Its phase I project includes two 650000 kW units, with an annual power generation of about 10 billion kwh

"after the completion of two 650000 kW units of Changjiang nuclear power, Hainan will become the province with the highest proportion of nuclear power in China." Sun yungen said that Hainan will be in the forefront of the country in nuclear power construction in 2015

Wang Yingsu, general manager of Huaneng Nuclear Power Development Co., Ltd., said that according to the plan, Hainan Changjiang nuclear power project will carry out the construction of phase II according to the power demand in the future. Considering the future needs, the preliminary work of phase II infrastructure construction has begun to be carried out simultaneously with phase I. once Hainan power needs, phase II can be constructed immediately

"after the completion and operation of two 650000 kW nuclear power plants in phase II, it will effectively fill the power gap in Hainan and ensure the long-term supply of Hainan 1. Power supply: ac220v400w energy, providing a reliable guarantee for the safety and stability of power supply in Hainan." Said Ye Zhanghe, deputy director of Hainan Provincial Development and Reform Commission

it is reported that a 1million kW nuclear power plant only needs to replenish about 30 tons of nuclear fuel every year, which can be transported by one plane to ensure the timely and long-term supply of energy and electricity. Thermal power plants of the same scale burn 3million tons of coal every year, with high transportation costs, and as a one-time energy, the supply is easy to be limited. With the gradual shortage of energy, long-term development is challenged

"after the completion of Changjiang nuclear power project, Hainan will enter the real era of nuclear power." Wang Yingsu said that at present, the total installed capacity of Hainan is 3million kW. If you add the wind power, coal power, hydropower and other projects under construction and the construction projects under planning, the total installed capacity of Hainan in 2020 is expected to reach 5.5 million KW

Ye Zhanghe said that in order to improve the energy agency, Hainan's development of nuclear power can realize the diversification of power supply structure, which can not only meet the needs of Hainan's long-term power load growth, but also help optimize the power supply structure, improve the power supply layout, and improve the reliability of power supply. It is the best choice to meet the needs of Hainan's energy supply. With a total investment of nearly 70billion yuan, China's largest nuclear power project has been started.

China has so far approved the construction of the largest nuclear power project - Guangdong Yangjiang nuclear power station. It is reported that Yangjiang nuclear power station, located in Dongping Town, Yangdong County, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, is constructed by Guangdong Nuclear Power Group, with a total investment of nearly 70billion yuan, which is expected to stimulate hundreds of billions of yuan of investment in related industries

it is understood that the Yangjiang nuclear power plant project adopts China's own brand improved pressurized water reactor (CPR1000) nuclear power technology for standardized and batch construction. Six megawatt nuclear power units will be built in the project. The effective construction period of units 1 and 2 is 56 months, and that of units 3-6 is 54 months. The first unit is planned to be completed and put into commercial operation in 2013, and all six units will be completed in 2017. It is reported that after the completion of all units, the comprehensive localization rate can reach 83%

"after the completion of Yangjiang nuclear power station, the annual power supply will reach 45billion kwh, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 36million tons and save 16million tons of coal every year. It will not only optimize the power supply structure of Guangdong Province and save transportation capacity, but also effectively improve the environmental quality of the Pearl River Delta." Said zhangguobao, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission

the equipment manufacturing of Yangjiang nuclear power station will be mainly undertaken by domestic enterprises. CGNPC has signed supply agreements with equipment manufacturing enterprises such as Dongfang Electric Group and Shanghai Electric Group. The comprehensive localization proportion of the project exceeds 80%, which will improve the level of China's equipment manufacturing industry. The cost of Yangjiang nuclear power station is only 10700 yuan per kW, which is the lowest investment project in China's nuclear power projects under construction. After the completion of the project, the tax included electricity price is about 0.364 yuan, far lower than the current benchmark electricity price of desulfurization coal-fired units in Guangdong Province

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