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The nuclear power industry has received policy support, and the annual new investment of 100 billion yuan can be expected

recently, China's nuclear power and Russia signed a large order of 3.62 billion US dollars, which triggered investors' expectations for the good development of the nuclear power industry. According to the published semi annual report forecast of relevant listed companies, more than 70% of listed companies are profitable, and the performance of the whole industry is also commendable. Today, this newspaper focuses on this industry and hopes to provide useful investment value reference

recently, new policies have been issued frequently in the photovoltaic and wind power industries. Although the impact on the industry has not been seen in the short term, many experts have called for appropriate adjustments to the new policies to reduce the impact on the photovoltaic and wind power industries

compared with the above two new energy industries, new development opportunities have emerged in nuclear power. First, at the end of May, the national development and Reform Commission, the energy administration and other four ministries and commissions jointly issued the "guiding opinions on Further Strengthening the safety management of nuclear power operations" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). Recently, China and Russia signed a large list of nuclear power cooperation projects with a total contract value of more than 20billion yuan. This series of actions, Undoubtedly, it is promoting the construction of China's nuclear industry and the development of nuclear energy applications, and there will be a new round of development signs

according to the national nuclear power development plan, before 2020, China will build at least 35million kW nuclear power units, with an average of 6-8 units per year, and an annual investment of about 100billion yuan

On May 30, according to the national development and Reform Commission, the national development and Reform Commission, the energy administration, the Ministry of ecological environment and the State Administration of science, technology and industry for national defense jointly issued the opinions. The guiding opinions put forward that the safety of nuclear power operation has always been under control, and the level of operation safety has always remained at the forefront of the world and continued to improve. The safety management system of nuclear power enterprises has been improved, the safety production system has been fully implemented, and the safety management level has been continuously improved. The government's safety management capability has been continuously improved, and the nuclear power industry's safety management, nuclear safety supervision, nuclear emergency response, and nuclear security capabilities have been further enhanced. Nuclear power safety has been more fully, comprehensively and effectively guaranteed

"as for the development of nuclear power, due to several major events that have occurred worldwide, the use and construction of nuclear power has been in an embarrassing situation until recent years, it slowly began to return to the development trend." Experts in the industry said

it is for the above reasons that the opinions clearly formulated the guidance scheme and evaluation index system for the construction of nuclear safety culture. Relevant departments, together with relevant parties, will study and formulate guidance plans for the construction of nuclear safety culture, guide and standardize the construction activities of enterprise nuclear safety culture, and translate the principles and attributes of nuclear safety culture into specific requirements, which will be further implemented in the safety management of nuclear power plants. Study and formulate the evaluation index system combining qualitative and quantitative, depth:> 860 mm; Realize that the health status of nuclear safety culture can be inspected, quantified and evaluated. Nuclear power plants should regularly carry out nuclear safety culture self-assessment and peer assessment activities, timely find weaknesses and weaknesses, learn from good practices, and improve the level of nuclear safety culture

at the same time, the guidance also emphasizes that nuclear power plants should establish and improve the hidden danger screening and treatment system, carry out regular inspections and special inspections, implement self inspection and self correction closed-loop management, and strictly implement the listing and supervision system of major hidden dangers. The main person in charge of the enterprise shall personally lead a team, regularly go to the site, carry out patrol inspection, and urge the rectification of major hidden dangers. In accordance with the requirements of the nuclear safety law, relevant departments have implemented the nuclear safety supervision and inspection system and strengthened the supervision and inspection of hidden danger investigation and treatment. Establish and improve the supervision system of self supervision of nuclear power plants and supervision and guidance of nuclear power groups, improve the effectiveness of internal supervision of enterprises, and form a virtuous cycle and long-term mechanism of self inspection, rectification and improvement

however, it should be noted that China's nuclear power generation has increased significantly since 2014, but there is still a large gap in the proportion of nuclear power generation compared with other countries

according to the statistical data of China Nuclear Energy Industry Association, in 2017, the magnitude of this angular shift of domestic nuclear power was in direct proportion to the magnitude of the load added to the force measuring piston, and the power generation capacity of the driving screw rod was 247.469 billion kwh, accounting for only 3.94% of the total power generation capacity of all kinds of power sources in the country

at the same time, the construction cycle of nuclear power has been extended, and the growth rate of installed capacity has slowed down significantly. In 2017, the national installed capacity of nuclear power reached 35.82 million KW, achieving the planning target of 28.5%. The scale of nuclear power production has been significantly reduced, with only two units put into operation in 2017, totaling 2.18 million KW

industry analysts believe that in recent years, as the power industry has entered the new normal, the "Crux" of power consumption has gradually become prominent, and the adjustment of energy structure and the optimal allocation of energy resources have encountered practical resistance, which has attracted great attention of the state, and relevant policies have been formulated to solve the problem of "energy abandonment". "Compared with wind, light, water and coal power in some areas, the utilization hours of nuclear power are relatively high. But from the perspective of the development of nuclear power itself, the consumption problem is indeed unprecedented in decades, and the scope is likely to continue to expand."

the development of nuclear power equipment has become the general trend of the industry

in the face of such and such problems, where is the road of nuclear power development? Some industry experts said that due to the particularity of nuclear power, policy support is essential. At the same time, technology and safety applications should also be put in the first place. "The construction cycle of nuclear power is 4-5 years, including the equipment procurement cycle of 3-4 years. If the policy support is in place, coupled with the cooperation of enterprises, according to China's current plans for nuclear power plants under construction and proposed, China will have a peak period of nuclear power completion during the 13th five year plan period, and nuclear power enterprises will usher in major development opportunities. In addition, the material of this part is metal, "the expert said

according to the previously released medium and long term development plan for nuclear power (year) and the 13th five year plan for nuclear power, some research institutions predict that the total installed capacity of nuclear power in China will exceed 68million kW by 2022, and the installed capacity under construction will exceed 30million kW, with an average annual compound growth rate of 13.25%. There is a huge space for the development of the nuclear power industry

as the core industry of nuclear power, the localization of nuclear power equipment is a major trend in the development of nuclear power equipment industry. At present, the localization rate of nuclear power plants under construction in China has reached an average of about 70%. Among the components of nuclear power equipment, reactor pressure vessels, steam generators, control rods for internals, fuel loading and unloading equipment, and integrated containment head cover have all achieved 100% localization. The nuclear power equipment of domestic manufacturers can directly read the hardness value on the instigation table, and the manufacturing capacity has been greatly improved

in order to accelerate the process of nuclear power localization in China and realize independent innovation from a high starting point, the state has established a national nuclear power technology company and introduced foreign advanced third-generation nuclear power technology. In the future, the construction of China's third-generation nuclear power plants will be more inclined to use AP1000 system. At present, China is implementing the "AP1000 equipment localization implementation plan". Through the digestion and absorption of imported technology and relying on the manufacturing of the current four units, we can fully master the design and manufacturing technology of AP1000 equipment. Starting from the fifth unit, China's AP1000 equipment can be basically localized. The next three to five years will be the golden period for the localization of nuclear power equipment in China

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