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North Korea's nuclear test affects the surrounding security. China actively monitors relevant data in real time

[Global Times comprehensive report] there are still many doubts about the "hydrogen bomb" detonated by North Korea this time. South Korea's "world" quoted Han Jun's inductive displacement sensor as a linear device belonging to metal induction, saying that various signs showed that North Korea's fourth nuclear test was a successful hydrogen bomb test. From the strength of the earthquake caused by the nuclear test, the equivalent of North Korea's nuclear test should be 0-7000 tons of TNT explosion equivalent under the concept of "600 attracting projects with platforms", which is far from the equivalent of the first hydrogen bomb test conducted by the United States and the Soviet Union that year. In addition, the test explosion of hydrogen bomb requires overweight hydrogen. Although North Korea can produce excess hydrogen through its existing nuclear reactors, it needs a large amount of excess hydrogen to complete the hydrogen bomb test. Under the strict control of the international community, it is difficult for North Korea to raise enough raw materials through imports. The source also said that although South Korea and the United States have sent out various monitoring equipment for testing, the North Korean nuclear test was carried out in tunnels deep underground, and several protective doors were set up, so it is difficult to judge the nature of the nuclear test by analyzing the substances leaked out of the ground

the Financial Times said on the 6th that Pyongyang's "hydrogen bomb" test focused on further miniaturization of nuclear warheads. The ultimate goal of North Korea is to build nuclear weapons that can be installed on ballistic missiles that can hit the United States. At the same time, North Korea is also increasing research and development efforts on delivery vehicles. Yonhap quoted a South Korean government official as saying on the 6th that North Korea conducted a water test of a submarine launched ballistic missile in December 2015

South Korea's "daily economy" said on the 6th that North Korea chose to conduct a nuclear test at this time after careful calculation. Just as Saudi Arabia and Iran were at loggerheads and attracted global attention, North Korea suddenly conducted a nuclear test. Although the DPRK predicted that this move would be widely condemned by the international community, it believed that if the DPRK adhered to its position afterwards, it would still be able to "pass the customs". South Korea's newsis news agency said that although North Korea played up external threats when it announced its nuclear test, the recent external pressure on North Korea's economy or military is not obvious. North Korea's big move in the nuclear test is to ensure its status as a "nuclear power in fact"

for the countries around the North Korean nuclear explosion, for example, many people are more worried about the risk of nuclear radiation. After the North Korean nuclear test, residents in many areas on the Chinese side of the China North Korea border felt a strong shock. Mr. Ren of Hunchun, Jilin, told the global times, "at first, they thought it was an earthquake, and everyone rushed out of the building. Later, they knew it was the North Korean nuclear test through the full Chinese system and simple operation." Lu Chao, a researcher at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences and an expert on the Korean Peninsula, told the global times that the nuclear test will undoubtedly bring a sense of insecurity to the people on the border. Once there is leakage, it will have a serious impact on the air and water quality in the border areas

The Chinese government attaches great importance to protecting the personal safety of Chinese citizens, and the Chinese authorities are comprehensively checking and understanding the impact of the test on China, and taking all necessary measures to ensure the personal safety of Chinese citizens, huachunying, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, said on the 6th. Relevant Chinese departments are actively monitoring relevant data in real time. They will also comprehensively carry out radiation emergency tests in border areas, and strengthen the analysis, judgment and information disclosure of radiation environment monitoring data

RIA Novosti quoted president secretary Peskov as saying on the 6th that the news of North Korea's hydrogen bomb test is extremely worrying to Moscow. President Putin has ordered the border inspection station to conduct a detailed survey of relevant data. Kosachev, chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the upper house of Russia, also said that North Korea's nuclear test site is very close to the Russian border, "any nuclear test by North Korea will directly affect Russia's national security"

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