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Nuclear power science robots and drones are coming

China's first nuclear power science popularization robot, "nuclear treasure", entered the community for the first time and was welcomed by children

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Jingbao Chen Bixia correspondent Mei Zhongxiang improved the processing and production performance of plastics and the effectiveness of extrusion molding. Yang Guang/Wen, figure

China's first nuclear power science popularization robot "nuclear treasure" accounted for 29% of the global market in 2012. It entered the Dapeng new area for the first time to interact with community residents. Xiao Wei, a medical robot, was on-site "intelligent pre diagnosis" to experience genetic testing for free, Watch the plant protection UAV flight demonstration... On the afternoon of September 20, the national science popularization day activity and the first community science popularization Carnival in Dapeng new area were held in Dapeng Central Primary School. The on-site AI empowerment was interesting and informative. This is also the "first show" of the 2018 Xingzhi science popularization series theme activities in the new area

this event was hosted by the new area economic service bureau and co organized by the New Area Public Utilities Bureau. With the theme of "innovation leading the times, wisdom lighting up the life of the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security issuing the notice of No. 65 no longer being fulfilled", high-tech enterprises and innovation teams such as nuclear power, life health, unmanned aerial vehicles and so on in the jurisdiction were invited to participate in the exhibition, and more than 100 students of primary and secondary school science and technology associations and community residents in the new area participated

popular science robots become "red"

popular science robots become "red" at the event site! China's first nuclear power science popularization robot "nuclear treasure" launched by China's Guangdong Nuclear Power Group has come, which is the first time it has entered the community to interact with the public. Is there radiation in the nuclear power plant? Can salt prevent radiation? Will the nuclear power plant explode? The interesting and erudite "nuclear treasure" transformed boring nuclear power knowledge into vivid and interesting language, which attracted bursts of laughter from time to time

Xiao Wei, a medical robot who can guide doctors, chat with the elderly and sing, also came. When someone asked what is diabetes, Xiao Wei began to "popularize" diabetes related knowledge. Xiao Wei has been stationed in the party masses Service Center of the new area to serve

Lotto Life Technology Investment Co., Ltd. provided free testing experience of high myopia susceptibility gene testing and cardiovascular drug gene testing for on-site residents. Aunt Chen, 68, of Dapeng Xiasha community, won the "top prize". She happened to have hypertension and hyperlipidemia. She was particularly happy to hear that accurate medication guidance could be obtained through testing. At the same time, the flight demonstration of high-tech Xinnong s40-e plant protection UAV and the on-site disassembly and assembly experience of small UAV also attracted the children. In addition, the Shenzhen Branch of China iron tower Co., Ltd. also brought the scientific knowledge related to mobile communication base stations that residents pay attention to

the science and technology associations of three schools collectively appeared

as the "home" of the event, the student maker team of Dapeng Central Primary School brought their 3D printing creative gadget exhibition. Yaojiahe explained the story behind the award-winning work "time wheel" in the Third Shenzhen student maker Festival last year. The robot community of Dapeng overseas Chinese middle school has won the first prize in provincial and municipal competitions for many times, and they have brought wonderful "Mars rescue" robot project and aircraft model display; The society of "making a home for waste batteries" in Kwai Chung No. 2 primary school is an excellent science and technology society in Shenzhen. Their teaching materials, courses and social practice achievements were displayed on site. The students of the school's aircraft model society showed their "unique skills"

these wonderful activities are simultaneously broadcast live through the Jingbao new media platform, so that more people can participate in the activities through the network

Shen Jiawei, a student from the model aircraft society of overseas Chinese middle school, was attracted by the on-site UAV assembly and almost forgot to return to the team. Wang Haiyan, a parent volunteer who served for the event, greatly praised the wonderful activities of the science Carnival and expressed the hope that there will be more such science popularization activities to stimulate children's imagination in the future

create a comprehensive and diversified science popularization publicity mode

the relevant person in charge of the economic service bureau of the new area introduced that in 2018, the series of theme activities of Xingzhi science popularization in Dapeng new area will carry out theme activities related to agricultural molecular breeding, life sciences, unmanned aerial vehicles, pushing the passive needle back to zero, artificial intelligence, astronomy and geology, ecological monitoring and so on in the form of entering communities, schools, enterprises and going out; At the same time, community residents will also receive more popular science services. The popular science galleries in each community will be updated regularly. Relevant popular science manuals will also be compiled to create a comprehensive and diversified three-dimensional popular science publicity system and position

it is understood that the series of theme activities of Xingzhi science popularization in Dapeng new area have been held for four consecutive years, and this brand science popularization public welfare activity has been rated as one of the top 100 citizen satisfaction projects of 2016 "Shenzhen love action"

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