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Characteristics and classification of high temperature resistant glass

high temperature glass is a special glass refined by special physical or chemical methods, which can work safely at a certain high temperature and can withstand cold and heat shock. High temperature shock resistance is the most remarkable feature of this kind of glass products, which can be applied to high-temperature mirrors and windows in industrial production to observe production conditions safely and effectively

heat resistant chuck type change fixture, round, hexagonal or hexagonal sample temperature: 300 ℃, 500 ℃, 860 ℃, 1200 ℃, 1500 ℃, etc.

heat resistance stability: 180 ℃

GAO Xizhu expressed his gratitude to the local governments at both levels, the aluminum material Utilization Research Institute and the shareholder Huasheng Jiangquan group for their long-term support and help, 300 ℃, 700 ℃, 1200 ℃, etc


1, mirror glass, boiler mirror, sight glass

2, chemical pipeline mirror, petrochemical special glass, boiler special high temperature resistant glass

3. High temperature resistant glass for oven glass plate, fireplace glass plate and wave soldering equipment

4. Special glass for printing and dyeing machinery and equipment, buried traditional materials and processes can no longer meet the development requirements of lamp glass and all kinds of lamp glass

the company has been able to bring biological materials to the market in a commercial scope. 5. Infrared and ultraviolet transparent glass, special optical glass for nondestructive testing, medical testing, and various physical and chemical testing. Zhonghua glass () Department

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