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Nubia released the most photographed Nubia z7 series

on July 9, 2014, Nubia, a high-end smart brand, grandly released its new summer Nubia z7 series at the China Film Director Center in Beijing on July 8, 2014, which includes three products: z7, z7 Max and z7 Mini. Witnessed by many industry insiders, professionals in the photography industry and other partners and fans, this new product launch showed the powerful and convenient photo taking function of z7 series. Z7's photos of the Milky Way announced the era of star shooting. As the first photo of the Milky way taken in human photography history, this work has been permanently collected by Beijing Planetarium

starry sky shooting starts the one button mode, and everyone is a photographer.

as we all know, shooting the orbit of the star and the galaxy has always been the highest shooting experience that photography enthusiasts dream of. Moving the weight to the required experimental position requires complex and professional shooting skills, such as camera exposure time, color temperature control, ISO, etc. Today, Nubia z7 series not only realizes the galaxy shooting that only professional photography equipment can complete in the past, but also meets the operation needs of ordinary photography enthusiasts with one click mode

it is understood that Nubia z7 series has three major functions, which make it enjoy the honor of SLR: first, the industry's unique focusing, light metering and white balance separation functions; The second is the electronic aperture of f2.8-f22; The third is the function of slow door and real-time B door, which can easily capture the beautiful night scene with low noise. In addition to the common problems and solutions in the operation of the friction and wear testing machine, there are professional blue glass filters and the second generation OIS optical anti shake technology. It is worth mentioning that even with the SLR camera, the shooting of the starry sky theme also requires complex post production, which makes ordinary photography lovers flinch. The unique one click shooting mode of Nubia z7 series can not only display the shooting effect in real time, show the grandeur of the starry sky by what you see is what you get, but also generate video in real time during the shooting process, bringing a perfect experience beyond the SLR to ordinary users

Nubia, who is determined to be the world's strongest photographer, has always adhered to the brand concept of discovery, creation and infinity, and has established one benchmark after another in the photography industry. This time Nubia z7 has fulfilled the dream of galactic photography of film lovers so far. While focusing on the continuous innovation of shooting functions, Nubia also aims to maintain the control system: strive to make professional functions easy to use, so that everyone can become a photographer and record a wonderful life, which is Nubia's mission. Ni Fei, the leader of Nubia, spoke about Nubia's brand dream

top-level configuration brings excellent user experience

the professional configuration of Nubia z7 series released by Nubia this time is definitely a higher level

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