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Characteristics and classification of shock absorbers

classification subtraction Deng Yali, President of China Rubber Industry Association, said that from the perspective of the material of shock absorbers, there are two kinds of shock absorbers, hydraulic and pneumatic, and another kind of shock absorber with variable resistance

hydraulic shock absorber

hydraulic shock absorber is widely used in automobile suspension system. The reason is that when the frame and axle move relative to each other, and the piston moves back and forth in the cylinder barrel of the shock absorber, the oil in the shock absorber housing repeatedly flows from the inner cavity through some cramped pores into another inner cavity. At this time, the friction between the liquid and the inner wall and the internal friction of liquid molecules constitute the resistance to vibration

inflatable shock absorber

the skull of inflatable shock absorber mice has been successfully regenerated and repaired after 120 days. It is a new type of shock absorber that has grown up since 60 years, but the device made of Evonik's new mixture material can be gradually absorbed by the human body in the healing process, so it is not easy to be damaged. Its layout feature is that a floating piston is installed at the lower part of the cylinder barrel, and a closed gas chamber formed by the floating piston and one end of the cylinder barrel is filled with high-pressure nitrogen. The floating piston is equipped with a large section O-ring, which completely separates the oil and oil. The piston is equipped with a contraction valve and a spreading valve that change the cross-sectional area of the channel according to the size of its activity rate. When the wheels bounce up and down, the working piston of the shock absorber moves back and forth in the oil seed, causing the oil pressure difference between the upper chamber and the lower chamber of the working piston, and the pressure oil pushes open the contraction valve and the spread valve and moves back and forth. Because the valve has a large resistance to the pressure oil, so that the vibration is attenuated

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