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Nuclear energy batteries will be available for 12 years without charging

scientists announced an exciting news: an ultra long-life nuclear energy battery, namely 13. Multiple protection functions: experimental force overload protection; Overcurrent and overvoltage protection; Safety protection when the sample breaks; Operation prompt wizard protection; After the experiment, automatic protection will be available. This battery is full of power and can be recharged for 12 years

in the approach of the US space station, the battery uses the principle of nuclear decay and corresponding technology to capture electrons released by radioactive gases through a silicon chip, thereby generating current. This working principle has something in common with solar panels. However, compared with the development of the downstream rare earth utilization industry driven by solar power, it is less efficient, because when electrons are emitted by gas, they fly out in all directions, so many electrons run away in this process, and the possible power is lost

because nuclear decay can take a long time, this kind of nuclear battery is often difficult and can be used for a long time. According to scientists, it has not been charged for more than 10 years, and can be used normally all the time, and the power is still very strong. Based on these advantages, scientists specifically envisioned its future service direction. The battery can provide operating energy for cardiac pacemakers or other devices implanted into the human body. The installation software features of the electronic universal experimental machine: it can be applied to the power system of spacecraft or seabed exploration devices. A few years later, it can also be responsible for running some small household devices, such as sensors

however, relevant experts immediately poured a basin of cold water, saying that they should not expect to see this product on the shelf within two years

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