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CNNC signed the memorandum "hualong-1" in Pakistan to accelerate its entry into South America

CNNC signed the memorandum "hualong-1" in Pakistan to accelerate its entry into South America

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China's nuclear industry uses lm358 to follow the voltage of the output signal (hereinafter referred to as "CNNC group") officials announced on the 21st that on May 19 local time, Sun Qin, chairman of CNNC group, signed the memorandum of understanding on comprehensive nuclear energy cooperation in Brazil with the president of the Brazilian national electric company and the president of the Brazilian nuclear power company

in recent years, nuclear power "going out" has become a consensus from a static fixture in the country to the enterprise level, and entering South America is a new trend for Chinese nuclear power enterprises. Earlier this year, the Chinese and Arab governments signed the agreement on cooperation in the construction of pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants in Argentina, which is considered to be a sign that China's independently developed "hualong-1" nuclear power unit is exported to Latin America

the author found that only Argentina and Brazil have nuclear power plants in South America. But like Argentina, Brazil also has the need to continue to develop nuclear power. At present, Brazil is still suffering from lack of electricity. The latest example is that in January this year, more than a third of the state capitals in Brazil suddenly lost power. At present, the power output of Brazil's only two nuclear power units is only 2% of the total local power. Brazil has been planning to build a third nuclear power plant. Brazil and Argentina are the preferred targets for Chinese nuclear power enterprises to enter South America

at present, China has many years of experience in the safe operation of nuclear power plants, and has a good history in nuclear safety. China's regulations on nuclear safety are relatively sound. China's nuclear power plants have always maintained good safety performance in operating nuclear power units, and all performance indicators of China's operating units are at a good level of global nuclear power units. Industry insiders previously said that China's nuclear power technology is mature, and China has relatively rich experience in nuclear power plant management. He said that the technical indicators of hualong-1 had met the latest safety requirements

the "going out" of nuclear power can drive the "going out" of the domestic industrial chain, so as to improve the domestic industrial level and manufacturing level. Taking "hualong-1" as an example, CNNC has previously revealed that a hualong-1 can develop a 3D printer configured with multiple materials to drive the export of equipment manufacturers and equipment suppliers worth 30 billion yuan, plus fuel supply and technical support, up to 100 billion yuan

according to Xinhua news agency, Li Keqiang and Brazilian president Rousseff jointly attended the China Brazil business summit in Brasilia on the 19th local time and addressed "people who must change China" and "chairman who controls everything". Li Keqiang said in his speech that enterprises of the two countries can also carry out development cooperation in the fields of nuclear power, hydropower, photovoltaic and other clean energy to promote sustainable development. On the morning of the 20th local time, Premier Li Keqiang visited the China equipment manufacturing exhibition in Rio de Janeiro

according to the news from CNNC group, Sun Qin briefed Li Keqiang and the Brazilian foreign minister, the Minister of mineral resources and energy, and the governor of Rio state who accompanied him on the visit, focusing on the safety, economy, equipment localization rate, independent intellectual property rights, etc. of hualong-1 nuclear power technology

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