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As people's aesthetics are constantly changing, the style of home decoration is also richer, gradually catering to the tastes of people at different levels. In addition to modern simplicity, simple European style has become the first choice for many small and medium-sized households. What kind of look is the simple European style when the pure European style is faded? Next, Xiaobian will show a 90 square meter fashionable simple European style decoration model room in Evergrande capital. Let's enjoy it with Xiaobian

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[Evergrande capital 90 square meters two room decoration requirements]

decoration style: simple European style

decoration cost: 100000

[Hengda capital 90 square meters two room decoration house type map]

[Hengda capital 90 square meters two room simple European style decoration model room display]

Simple European style guest restaurant:

such a small house of 90 square meters is limited in space, so the small restaurant is placed next to the kitchen. From the chair to the tea table, and even the whole wall, it is natural raw wood, emitting a natural fragrance, as if living in a pollution-free paradise

simple European style bedroom:

the bedroom is mainly white, brown and gray. In such an environment, the feeling of cleanness and freshness has been around, without complicated decoration, but it is only slightly reflected in the balance of the mutual collocation of each piece of furniture and soft decoration




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