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The cabinet incident not only brings another crisis to the industry, but also brings new questions to consumers' purchase. How to buy cabinets and how to buy products that meet environmental protection requirements

the cabinet incident not only brings another crisis to the industry, but also brings new questions to consumers' purchase. How to buy cabinets and how to buy products that meet environmental protection requirements

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formaldehyde: it is a colorless and soluble irritant gas, which is gaseous at room temperature, usually in the form of aqueous solution. It is a very strong bactericide with anti-corrosion, sterilization and stability effects, and has been identified as carcinogenic and teratogenic substances by the World Health Organization. The effects on human health are mainly manifested in abnormal smell, stimulation, allergy, abnormal lung function, abnormal liver function and abnormal immune function. Long term exposure to low-dose formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases, female menstrual disorders, pregnancy syndrome, nasopharyngeal carcinoma and so on

e1 grade and E0 grade: both are the standards for free formaldehyde content of plates, of which E1 grade free formaldehyde content ≤ 1.5mg/L, E0 formaldehyde content ≤ 0.5mg/L。

I. more than environmental protection cabinets “ Formaldehyde does not exceed the standard &rdquo

the cabinet incident not only brings another crisis to the industry, but also brings new questions to consumers' purchase. How to buy cabinets and how to buy products that meet environmental protection requirements

it is understood that the current standards for environmental protection of cabinets need to be further improved, and the environmental protection requirements of the cabinet industry mainly refer to the formaldehyde emission of cabinet plates. Excessive formaldehyde content in the kitchen will irritate human skin, eye conjunctiva, respiratory mucosa, cause respiratory and eye diseases, and do great harm to human body. The most direct way to identify whether it is environmentally friendly is to ask businesses to issue relevant test reports. However, environmental protection of cabinets is a comprehensive concept, “ Formaldehyde does not exceed the standard ” Is just one of the important aspects. Others include chemical pollution, physical injury and garbage pollution

1. The cabinets with inferior materials and workmanship may have burrs and sharp corners in the details. These parts without reasonable treatment are easy to cause harm to the body. Poor quality cabinets may also have noise, radioactivity and other pollution. To avoid these problems, we should use high-quality hardware and reasonably select panels and countertops

2. Chemical pollution: in addition to formaldehyde, there may be harmful substances benzene, ammonia, harmful heavy metals, etc. in the cabinet. In addition to the panel, the cabinet board and glue need to be treated to ensure that the content of harmful substances does not exceed the standard

3. Garbage pollution: kitchens have always been considered garbage “ Manufacturing workshop ”, It is common to dirty the floor and block the sink, and improper cleaning of residual garbage is easy to breed bacteria and cause four pests at the same time. If a set of cabinets is poorly designed or the quality of drainage accessories is defective, the setting of garbage cans is unreasonable or quality problems are easy to cause garbage pollution

4. Whether it is energy-saving design: the selection of water tank directly affects the use of tap water. Compared with the current popular double sinks, the latter is more water-saving; Because the double sink can be soaked and washed separately, it can use water more reasonably. The gas stove should be set away from the tuyere as far as possible. If it is installed near the door, the gas will be affected by the flowing air during use. Not only will the use of gas increase, but also the lampblack will be dispersed by the wind and cannot be absorbed centrally, which will affect the work of the lampblack extractor

5. Unsafe use: cabinets are places where water, electricity and gas gather. If these three things are used improperly, they will cause harm to the environment and even affect personal safety. The overflow outlet in the water tank should be set reasonably; Electrical appliances, wires and plugs should avoid leakage; There are also gas valves, flameout protection, etc. Although these do not directly belong to the cabinet, it is connected with the design and installation of the cabinet. Therefore, at the beginning of installing the cabinet, it must be taken into account

second, what details should we pay attention to when choosing environmentally friendly cabinets

the quality depends on the material. The reason why the cabinets produced by small factories are cheap is that, in addition to the rough processing methods, the most important thing is that the plates are cheap. The melamine veneer of inferior plates is brittle and easy to fall off after being subjected to external forces. From the cross section, the fiber particles of sawdust are uneven in thickness, with large gaps, and even garbage such as soil and stones. In order to reduce costs, many small workshops use a large number of low-quality urea formaldehyde adhesives. Their performance cannot be compared with the physical and chemical properties of high-quality particleboard. They look similar in appearance, but their internal quality is very different

in addition to the board, the environmental protection of the cabinet is also closely related to materials such as edge banding glue and functional accessories. The back board is also a blind spot that consumers often ignore. After all, its position is often blocked and invisible, because the back board is in a hidden place, which is more susceptible to moisture or mildew. The most inconspicuous anchor, if a simple anchor made of recycled plastic is used, it will not only have unqualified bearing strength, but also emit peculiar smell

III. is the cabinet E0 standard hyped

at present, in addition to E1 standard cabinets that meet the national standard, Haier, Kebao, Shanjia and other professional cabinet brands have launched E0 standard cabinet products with low formaldehyde (formaldehyde emission ≤ 0.5mg/L), and Haier even launched F0 level cabinets with zero formaldehyde (formaldehyde emission less than 0.1mg/L). It is understood that when the quality inspection institution detects the formaldehyde emission of the board, when the formaldehyde emission of the tested board is less than 0.1mg/L, the result displayed by the equipment is “ Not checked out ”; When the Japanese quality inspection agency conducts similar tests, when the formaldehyde emission of the tested plate is less than 0.1mg/L, the test result displayed by the equipment is “ 0.0mg/L”。

some consumers asked: are low formaldehyde products hyping the concept? Zhang Linlin, President of China Forest Products Industry Association, said: “ According to the "standardization law" implemented since April 1st, 1989, the State encourages enterprises to formulate enterprise standards that are stricter than national standards or industrial standards. As long as the enterprise standards are filed by the provincial and municipal quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, the enterprise standards are legal, and the production of high-standard products should be encouraged& rdquo; For “ E0” Zhang Senlin also said that he would adhere to three principles: first, support “ E0”, The lower the formaldehyde content, the better; Second, not only “ E0”,& ldquo; E0” Not the only health standard, “ E1” Level 1 meets the requirements of health and environmental protection; Third, oppose false “ E0”, Because at present, there are many small brands with “ E0” Signs, but not “ E0” Standards. In particular, consumers should be reminded to be vigilant against fake “ E0” Products

IV. how much is the low formaldehyde cabinet worth

according to the survey, the prices of low formaldehyde cabinets launched by several professional cabinet brands are different

introduction of Kebao cabinet salesperson, “ E0” Cabinets are mainly aimed at the needs of a certain consumer group, and the prices of different series are also different; Shanjia E0 upgraded cabinets cost more than 20 yuan per linear meter; Haier cabinet is an early step “ E0” The cabinet brand of E0 plate is about 20 to 30 yuan higher per linear meter than that of E1 level cabinet. As for F0 standard cabinets, the price will be upgraded with the change of materials. Upgrading materials include door panels, cabinet panels, backboards, table panels, table base plates, door panels and glue for cabinet panels, etc. At the sales office, the price of an acrylic door sample is 5500 yuan/linear meter (excluding countertops, functional parts, etc.)

v. professional tips: how to choose an environmentally friendly overall kitchen

in addition to pollution, the construction of the kitchen also directly affects the safety of the kitchen. Experts suggest that consumers should grasp seven elements when purchasing: 1 After sales quality assurance; 2. Environmental protection materials; 3. The internationally used pricing method based on the cabinet avoids the ambiguity of the function concept; 4. Hardware reflects the overall kitchen life; 5. The overall kitchen concept includes the perfect combination with electrical appliances; 6. Small workshops or large factories are the key to the environmental protection of the overall kitchen. Manual cutting and assembly cannot meet the requirements of the environmental protection of the overall kitchen; 7. After sales service needs a service system to support

VI. experts say: E0 plate is not equal to environmental protection cabinet

industry experts suggest that E1 and E0 standards are divided according to the content of free formaldehyde in wood-based panels. The production of cabinets is a systematic project, and the plate is only a kind of substrate used in processing. Many factors will affect the quality of environmental protection, such as the use of raw materials such as edge bonding adhesive and door panel baking paint. Formaldehyde widely exists in these raw materials. The processing technology and the design level of enterprises will affect the environmental protection performance of cabinets. Consumers must have a comprehensive understanding of the product when purchasing

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