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In the twinkling of an eye, the spring festival gradually passed, and with the return of migrant workers, the decoration market slowly began to resume work. After the short "dormancy" of the Spring Festival, the decorative building materials market has opened for war. Among them, many small decoration companies try to make a good start by attracting low prices, which often hides many traps of "low price and low quality". In this regard, insiders reminded the public that before signing the contract with the home decoration company after the festival, it is best to understand whether the home decoration company has a fixed decoration team to avoid the project being subcontracted

■ after signing the contract, he turned around and was "flying orders"

there were many defects in the design of water and electricity, uneven walls, and many defects in carpentry... Mr. Yang, who had just finished decoration in early January, wanted to live in his new house before the Spring Festival, but now he was disappointed to see his new house. Due to the busy work before the festival, Mr. Yang was introduced to find a decoration company last October. Because the company had a construction site in the community where Mr. Yang lived, he quickly handed over the project to the company on the spot. Mr. Yang told reporters that the person in charge of the decoration company at that time also reduced a certain amount of management fees and labor on the basis of "introduction of acquaintances". But in the whole decoration process, Mr. Yang found that many aspects of the decoration company were not standardized. The electrical sockets and water pipes were not the brands promised before. Carpenters and painters were even suspected of "child labor", and the effect was naturally unsatisfactory

Mr. Yang found the company that undertook the decoration at the beginning, but the company pushed the maintenance task to the construction team on the ground of "finding the foreman directly if there is a problem". After much inquiry, Mr. Yang learned that his home decoration project had been subcontracted

it is understood that subcontracting is common in small and medium-sized home decoration companies. In an earlier interview, a decorator told reporters that many decoration teams are now registered as "decoration teams (departments)" and accept subcontracting business from some small companies as self-employed operators. Especially when there is a shortage of home improvement workers, many large home improvement companies in the market will also choose to subcontract some projects to small engineering teams in order to catch up with the progress

generally speaking, after receiving the decoration project, the home decoration company will directly draw a certain amount of management fees, and then subcontract the project to the foreman, and the remaining decoration costs will be arranged by the foreman. If the foreman and workers are loosely managed and the quality control is not strict, it is common for quality problems to occur after subcontracting

■ subcontracting into profit guarantee under the price war

Why do you have your own home decoration company and subcontract the project? "The home decoration companies that implement subcontracting are generally small companies, trying to make profits in the construction process." The above insiders told the general situation of subcontracting home decoration companies. Small companies are relatively simple in personnel management and operation. After subcontracting the project, the construction process and quality are in the charge of the construction team, which reduces the quality inspection and inspection personnel necessary for the quality control of decoration, and reduces a lot of personnel costs

the reason why some decoration companies are keen on subcontracting is largely due to the price war among peers. Because the price of the decoration company itself is low, and after the price is reduced through secondary subcontracting, it is much lower than the general project quotation. The construction team that takes over will generally reduce expenses and costs by means of Jerry building and cutting materials

it is understood that after a small company draws a commission and subcontracts it to the construction team, the foreman will take a certain proportion of the project funds as profits from the remaining funds, and the remaining costs will be amortized into material costs, labor costs, etc. It can be seen that the labor and material costs really used for the decoration project itself are much less than the original, and the quality is difficult to be guaranteed




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