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Buying a house is a major event in life, and decoration is to draw a successful end to this event. People who decorate will be hampered by a common problem in the end, that is, exceeding the budget, constantly exceeding the budget, constantly increasing the budget, and finally, holding the contract documents, silent two lines of tears, and a thin salary card seems to be flatter and lighter &hellip& hellip; So it is particularly important to ensure the quality of home decoration and avoid returning to the poor life before liberation

◆ prepare the budget in the early stage

1. Pay more attention to the implementation of everything after the plan, especially the budget. A lot of preparation and investigation are needed in the early stage of budget formulation, and a lot of time and energy are needed during the period. If the budget is not implemented after the final formulation, or the budget is just a piece of paper on the table, then there is no need to spend so much energy. Especially for the wage earners with limited money like us, it is the hard truth to pay attention to the budget and put the budget control into practice

2. Data source

through the network, we can find all kinds of useful information. Then there is the actual investigation of the building materials market, which is very necessary. Businesses are the best teachers. When communicating with businesses, the information obtained is more direct and intuitive than that from the Internet. Visit a few more stores, and the price and performance advantages and disadvantages of general goods will be almost clear at a glance

early investigation is very important, and network reference is also very important. If you spend a lot of effort to make a budget, it's not reliable at all, just like the popular online so and so family with 20000 yuan to carefully build an 80 square meter home. This kind of post will be clicked without hesitation at the initial stage of decoration by consumers. After visiting the building materials City, you already disdain to see this kind of post soft decoration post. This kind of post does not involve transformation, hard decoration, almost all furniture and home decorations, etc. It is undeniable that such posts have indeed affected the budgets of many people

the decoration cost of a single square meter of a small house is often higher than that of a large house, because although the sparrow is small, it has all kinds of internal organs. For example, no matter how big the house is, you should buy a burglar proof door, right? No matter how big the house is, you should buy a toilet, right? One toilet is also required for 30 square meters, and one toilet is also required for 60 square meters (double bathroom is calculated separately), so if it is a small apartment, the budgeted decoration cost per square meter should be appropriately higher than that of a large apartment. In addition, many products have to pay not only product costs, but also installation costs and additional costs of various miscellaneous names, so a 5% margin should be appropriately set aside when making a budget. In this way, leave yourself some room for budget increase. Fly legs are also meat. When you settle accounts later, you find that the cost of this non product expenditure is not a small amount

3. Price reference

there are several ways to obtain prices:





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