The 25 excavators sold overseas by the most powerf

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The 25 excavators sold overseas by Rexroth successfully launched

the 25 excavators sold overseas by Rexroth successfully launched

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a pleasant spring rain filled Qilu with vitality everywhere. On the morning of April 21, Rexroth Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. reported good news again. In April, 25 22T excavators sold overseas were successfully launched, which gave a beautiful blow to the annual overseas sales plan through the guidance of intelligent manufacturing, and greatly boosted the morale of all employees of Rexroth

Mr. Zhang Dong, general manager of Rexroth, said that since the establishment of the company for more than ten years, product quality and technology research and development have always been the top priority of the company. With the advent of "Shendiao", a great historical breakthrough has been achieved. The high-efficiency environmental protection excavator with a fuel saving rate of 50% and a production efficiency of 100% has been improved, Not only has the real "This machine made in China can not only have a good effect on the power line, but also greatly promote the improvement of excavator production technology. This also adds weight to the export of Rexroth to overseas markets. With the continuous development of overseas markets, Rexroth's export product line continues to expand.

the situation of the construction machinery industry in 2015 is still very serious. For China's construction machinery industry, only through innovation and development can we Keep up with the pace of product and market iteration and update; Only through innovation and development can we provide continuous driving force for Chinese brands and China's development. Biomedical materials are used in the field of Ophthalmology. Different uses have different requirements. For example, intraocular lenses require high refractive index and moderate hardness, and artificial corneas require high light transmittance, good air permeability and good cell affinity. The successful sale of 25 excavators overseas this time fully reflects the strong technical R & D strength and sales service ability of Rexroth, and improves the international competitiveness of domestic brand construction machinery

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