The 25th fakuma exhibition will be held soon

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The 25th fakuma exhibition will be held soon

october, the 25th fakuma exhibition will be held soon

the concrete pressure testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly composed of three parts: organism, hydraulic control box and force measuring instrument Although the scale of the exhibition is less than that of K exhibition, fakuma is still one of the top European plastic processing events, gathering cutting-edge technologies. About 1700 exhibitors from 35 different countries participated in this exhibition, covering an area of more than 915000 square feet

fakuma was held in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The city is located on the Bank of Bodensee lake, which connects with Switzerland and Austria. Due to its ideal geographical location, fakuma has been fully supported by the plastic industry in this "Golden Triangle", and has gradually developed into an international exhibition. This year, the proportion of overseas exhibitors is as high as 35%

in the past, fakuma mainly served the injection molding industry. With the vigorous development of the plastic industry, it has also become all inclusive: injection molding and extrusion are mainly applicable to the peeling, breaking and other performance tests of adhesives, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive, medical patches, protective films, release papers, composite films, artificial leather, woven bags, films, papers and other related products, thermoforming, 3D printing, etc., which are the focus of the exhibition

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