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The 27th stop of Shantui's "customer care trip" went into Ganzhou and Fuzhou. The 27th stop of Shantui's "customer care trip" went into Ganzhou and Fuzhou. China Construction Machinery Information

recently, after a short customer care trip activity started a ceremony with different cross-sectional areas at different locations, The Nanchang Office of Shantui cooperated with Jiangxi jiawo to significantly improve the development quality. Qiuqunxi, the regional leader of Ganzhou, started the first stop of the love activity of Jiangxi jiawo Shantui: Ganzhou. The day before the visit, Qiu Gong prepared the visit tools: accessories and gifts, and cleaned the service vehicles

the first customer visited was Ganzhou Haide, a loyal user of Shantui. After arriving at the site, the service personnel first briefly explained to the customer the purpose of this care visit, the content of equipment maintenance and the time required for this inspection

then the service team immediately carried out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment. After a series of tests, the maintenance workers were sweating profusely, but they were not tired. Finally, the service team explained the results of equipment testing, daily maintenance, operation specifications and other precautions to customers. The customer Minister Liu nodded gratefully and hoped to cooperate more closely with Shantui

the next morning, a heavy rain fell over Jiangxi, but it did not stop us from moving forward with care. Hugenbing, the service team leader of Fuzhou, and members of Shantui office came to the service site of a power plant in Jiangxi early. The customer owns a total of 7 sets of Shantui brand push, road and installation products. Due to the tight construction period of the equipment on weekdays, there is time to stop the equipment for maintenance only in rainy days. After arriving at the construction site, the service team carried out various equipment tests in an orderly manner according to the original work plan. The heavy rain did not affect the work enthusiasm of the service personnel at all. It was 12:00 noon after the successful completion of the tests of the three equipment. The heavy rain has soaked the clothes of the service personnel, but not the enthusiasm of the service engineers. Their professionalism and dedication to work can be seen from their calm and skilled operation. The project leader of the power plant repeatedly praised their seriousness, and said that in the future, Shantui would be their first choice because Shantui services reassured them. Seeing the customer's approval, the members of the service team laughed happily. This is our service staff, our team, caring, rain or shine

through this caring activity, we took the initiative to test the use of equipment for customers, publicized the promotion policy of accessories, and let more customers feel the company's care for customers. At the same time, through multi-channel guidance, we also let customers know more about Shantui and feel the care of Shantui. The exquisite gifts given by the company make customers feel warm. In the future, we will continue to launch more service projects close to customers' needs, so that customers can deeply feel "caring from the heart and professional accompanying"

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