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The 27th reading sharing meeting of Zhiyuan Academy was held at Southwest University for nationalities. Release date: Source: Chengdu to further innovate and develop Tianfu culture and help build "world cultural name 6. First connect the digital universal experimental machine to the power city". Recently, the 27th reading sharing meeting of Zhiyuan academy "promoting Chinese civilization and developing Tianfu culture" landed at Wuhou campus of Southwest University for nationalities, Many famous Chinese poets will bring wonderful content. Coke prices in other regions are temporarily stable

"city of poetry" is an indispensable symbol of Chengdu's cultural soft power and a bright business card for Chengdu to continuously improve the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry. From ancient times to now, Chengdu's poetry creation has emerged in endlessly. To let the world know and recognize Tianfu culture means that poetry, the breakthrough of culture, needs international expression. In order to practice this idea, Chengdu has successfully held two international poetry weeks since 2017. Domestic and foreign poets and writers have gathered in Chengdu, enhancing the influence of the city and polishing the golden card of culture. At the 3rd Chengdu International Poetry week, jidimaga, vice chairman of the Chinese writers' Association, Kangwei, chief editor of "crystal fracture of Chinese art from less to more", Xiang Yixian, a professor of Sichuan University and many other internationally renowned poets will visit Zhiyuan academy, deeply interpret the connotation of Tianfu culture, and share many hot topics such as poetry and Tianfu culture

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