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The 28th China International Medical Instrument and equipment exhibition and technology exchange conference 2019, The 28th China International Medical Instrument and equipment exhibition and technology exchange conference will be held in Beijing National Convention Center from August 16 to 18, 2019. Adhering to the tenet of promoting the exhibition through academic exchanges and promoting academic exchanges through exhibitions, the exhibition will carry out special activities such as hospital equipment, the Belt and Road, health express and other projects affiliated to the health and Family Planning Commission during the same period, mainly due to excessive viscosity or dirty oil, and academic exchanges among various disciplines

exhibition scope: it is very likely to cause personal injury or even death

I. large imaging and X-ray equipment

all kinds of general and special digital and ordinary X-ray diagnostic machines, X-ray stereotactic treatment system (X-knife), gamma ray stereotactic treatment system (knife), medical accelerator, X-ray computed tomography (CT), medical magnetic resonance imaging device (MRI), Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), positron emission computed tomography (PET)

II. Ultrasonic equipment

various color and black-and-white ultrasonic diagnostic instruments and high-intensity ultrasonic focusing instruments

III. medical informatization: PACS, his, RIS, Kongjia equipment, ihe-c test, etc

IV. first aid and operating room equipment

all kinds of ECG machines, all kinds of monitors, cardiac defibrillation pacemakers, respirators, anesthesia machines, artificial cardiopulmonary machines, all kinds of lasers, electrotomes, minimally invasive surgical equipment, blood transfusion equipment, shadowless lamps, operating tables, etc

v. endoscopy

all kinds of hard and fiber-optic endoscopes promote the remanufacture of electronic ultrasonic endoscopes in service

VI. clinical testing and medical laboratory equipment

clinical testing: centrifuge, biochemical analyzer, blood and urine testing equipment, bacterial culture and identification system, pathological section, staining, analysis and other equipment

laboratory instruments and devices: balance, test chamber and climatic environment experimental equipment, biomedical sample preparation equipment, biosafety cabinet, laboratory working environment equipment, laboratory cryogenic equipment, animal experiment and feeding equipment, physical optics and electronic optics instruments, chromatography, spectrum and laser instruments

VII. Disinfection sensing and control equipment

purification equipment in operating rooms and wards, cleaning and disinfection and sterilization equipment, hospital pipeline transmission equipment, hospital automatic induction doors, various anti radiation projects, medical clean air conditioning and oxygen supply systems, etc

VIII. Medical consumables

various high-value interventional consumables (including cardiac pacemaker), high-value orthopedic consumables, and various low-value medical consumables

IX. nursing and rehabilitation

all kinds of infusion pumps, infusion sets, attractors, nursing instruments, all kinds of beds, cars, tables, cabinets, racks, basic nursing equipment, etc

X. various medical vehicles

ambulances, X-ray vehicles, medical examination vehicles, health and epidemic prevention vehicles and other medical vehicles

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