The 23rd phase of PLC training for the industrial

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Claude industrial automation phase 23 PLC training

Claude is a professional engineering company specializing in the design, integration and training of Siemens PLC system; We have dozens of successful applications in petrochemical, electric power, timber and other industries; We have many experienced engineers who have been engaged in automation control integration for a long time; We are willing to give you all-round support and cooperation in the fields of industrial control system design, integration and system training. There is no porosity, excess space, inclusions or other defects that may damage the equipment; Assistance

our goal: Claude will always be your partner in industrial control! Our training commitment: what we teach is not theory, but advanced programming technology and the most practical engineering technology of Siemens software

training contents:

1. Plc300/400 series hardware and network (CPU and signal module) training courses; Free

2. Advanced training on PLC programming software step7v5.1 and frequency converter programming

system hardware configuration, constituting data acquisition and control system and fault diagnosis and maintenance of system hardware

system field network configuration to build Profibus-DP Field Bus; L methods and steps of creating i/o symbol table

lad ladder programming and FBD function block programming

use of timers and counters

siemens' introduction to SFC and SFB system function blocks

establish and use the programming methods and steps of special DB data block, FC and FB function modules

programming and use method of fault diagnosis organization block ob

inverter wiring and parameter setting

frequency converter frequency control programming

3. Intermediate and advanced training of operating station configuration software winccv5.0

start WinCC to generate new projects and set project parameters

establish the variable table and data type setting of the operation station database

use the drawing tool to create the operation station screen; Dynamic connection technology and button configuration skill of static flow chart

password protection of screen and establishment of operator level

alarm information configuration of analog signal and switching value signal and audible and visual alarm of information

trend configuration, the analog signal is variable for the wall thickness of the formed part, and the measured value is displayed as a curve

report design and regular printing of key data

4. PLC network communication course

a, MPI Network Communication 1) data exchange between s/400 through MPI Network Communication

b, Profibus fieldbus communication course

1) communication programming between CPU with DP port and et200m of distributed i/o station (PROFIBUS-DP)

2) communication programming between CP communication module and et200m of distributed i/o station (PROFIBUS-DP)

3) s/400plc, communication between master station and intelligent slave station (profibusdp)

4) s/400plc is realized through DP port, Realize mutual communication through S7 protocol (S7 protocol)

5) realize mutual communication between s/400plc and S (configure EM277 communication module) through DP protocol (PROFIBUS-DP)

6) communication programming course between s7300/400plc and inverter with integrated DP port (PROFIBUS-DP)

7) communication between s7300/400plc and PC with CP5611 card through PROFIBUS (profibuspg/op)

5 Training of op/tp operation screen/touch screen configuration software protool/pro

the distance between making the picture and marking the variables, input/output fields and buttons of the picture is usually 25 ~ 50mm

generation of process messages and system alarms

configuration authorized by the operator; Direct access and forced variable output

configuration and commissioning of an independent and complete project

training objects: Engineering and technical personnel, equipment management personnel, electricians, students of related majors engaged in electrical automation in various enterprises

note: accommodation can be arranged for you (at your own expense). After the training, those who pass the examination will be issued with the completion certificate issued by the sponsor

start time: mid April 2004

training form:

1 Teachers of automation related majors in each school (with teacher certificate) can enjoy the preferential price

2 Collective registration (more than 3 people) can enjoy the preferential price

3 The training entrusted by the unit (more than 10 people) can enjoy a one-time preferential price, and special training can be carried out according to the needs of the entrusting unit; You can also sign up at one time and train in batches. Contact: Training Department of Shenzhen keleide Technology Co., Ltd.

address: 501, block a, Zhuzilin Jianye Building, Futian District, Shenzhen

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