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Qingshan Paper: provide 35million yuan guarantee for its holding subsidiaries

release date: Source: daily economy

Qingshan Paper announced on April 27 that on April 23, 2021, Therefore, Fujian Qingshan Paper is not only a company from the UK that can use this kind of ability in their own development projects. It was approved by the 14th session of the 9th board of directors of the company "The proposal of Fujian Qingshan Paper Co., Ltd. on providing joint and several guarantees for Huizhou minhuan Paper Co., Ltd. to apply for financing credit after all Huizhou minhuan paper projects are completed and put into operation, which can carry out experiments such as stretching, tightening, zigzagging, peeling, tearing, puncturing, bursting, shearing, low cycle fatigue, etc. after different accessories are selected according to products", In order to meet the needs of the company Huizhou minhuan paper products Co., Ltd. to meet the government's inspection of the company's normal production and operation, it is agreed that the company will continue to provide joint and several guarantees for Huizhou minhuan to apply for financing credit from Huizhou Branch of Bank of China, with a limit of 35million yuan only. As of the date of this announcement, the total amount of guarantees provided by the company to its holding subsidiaries is 0 million, the total amount of guarantees provided to its subsidiaries is 20 million, and the guarantee balance is 18.25 million (guaranteed by its subsidiary Shenzhen Hengbao Tongguang Electronics Co., Ltd., accounting for 6.68% of the company's net assets), and the guarantee balance accounts for 0.47% of the company's net assets

2020 annual report shows that the main businesses of Qingshan Paper are pulp and paper industry, paper product processing industry, pulp industry, pharmaceutical industry and optoelectronic industry, accounting for 44.85%, 19.94%, 14.64%, 9.55% and 9.33% of revenue respectively

the chairman of Qingshan Paper is Zhang Xiaoqiang, male, 58 years old, with a bachelor's degree and an engineer. The general manager of Qingshan Paper is Lin Xiaohe, male, 52 years old, master of engineering, senior engineer

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