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Qingyang wire and cable recycling platform

Qingyang wire and cable recycling platform

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Qingyang wire and cable recycling platform. Baoding Xingchuang material and cable recycling company is an environmental protection emerging enterprise dedicated to the recycling of second-hand cables. Based on the principles of honesty, green cooperation and win-win results, we are a collective enterprise registered and approved by the municipal government, a service center engaged in power recovery for many years, and a comprehensive service center integrating recycling, classification, reuse and sales. We have a professional team for door-to-door construction and disassembly to ensure safety, work with certificates, conduct reasonable transactions, and be safe and fast. The company has many success stories since its opening. [Diqu] [zhuci] basic product classification:

has a variety of structures, which can be classified according to different ways and types

[Diqu] [zhuci] classified by structure

(1) coaxial RF cable

coaxial RF cable is a commonly used structural type. Because the inner and outer conductors are concentric, and the electromagnetic energy is limited to the propagation in the medium between the inner and outer conductors, it has significant advantages such as small attenuation, high shielding performance, wide bandwidth and stable performance in the process of practice. It is usually used to transmit RF energy from 500 kHz to 18 GHz

at present, there are two types of commonly used RF coaxial cables: 50 ω And 75 ω It is necessary to straighten or replace the RF coaxial cable of the toothed rod. Characteristic impedance 75 ω RF coaxial cable is commonly used in CATV, so it is called CATV cable, and the transmission bandwidth can reach 1GHz. At present, the transmission bandwidth of commonly used CATV cable is 750MHz

(2) symmetrical RF cable

the electromagnetic field of symmetrical RF cable circuit is open. Due to the radiated electromagnetic energy at high frequency, the attenuation increases and leads to poor shielding performance. Coupled with the influence of atmospheric conditions, it is usually less used. Symmetrical RF cables are mainly used in the case of low RF or symmetrical feeding

(3) spiral RF cable

the conductor in coaxial or symmetrical cable can sometimes be made into a spiral coil to increase the inductance of the cable, thereby increasing the wave impedance of the cable and delaying the transmission time of electromagnetic energy. The former is called high resistance cable, and the latter is called delay cable. If the density of the spiral coil winding along the length direction is different, it can be made into a variable resistance cable

the fault characteristics of Qingyang wire and cable recycling can also be divided into shooting fault, breakdown fault and operation fault according to the insulation damage of cables, cable heads and intermediate boxes with different characteristics during the operation or preventive test of power cables. (1) Blasting failure occurs in industrial and mining enterprises. Due to various reasons, the insulation of power cables in operation is seriously damaged, resulting in tripping accidents. It is called cable shooting. The characteristics of this kind of fault are: most of the cable fault points have broken lead packets or copper sheets, with varying degrees of external deformation; The nature of cable fault is often shown as two-phase short-circuit grounding or two-phase disconnection and grounding, and its grounding resistance is generally small. Dissecting the fault point, we can find the carbonization point of arc breakdown or tree discharge carbon path and crack. The cable shooting fault has obvious fault characteristics. In most cases, the operation personnel on duty can provide the approximate shooting position. Therefore, except for a few complex situations that need to be located, generally, as long as the specific nature of the fault (single-phase grounding, short-circuit grounding, broken wire grounding, etc.) is measured with a multimeter, the acoustic method can be used to directly fix the point, which is simple and clear. (2) In the actual work of breakdown fault, the cable insulation damage event triggered by preventive test is customarily called cable breakdown. This kind of fault occurs under the DC test voltage, and its insulation damage is electrical breakdown. The grounding point is generally intact with lead or copper sheath, and there is no obvious external deformation (except mechanical trauma). Most of the cable breakdown faults are simple grounding faults. The grounding fault is high. Dissect the fault point, and the insulating material has no carbonization point, but the carbon hole and water tree aging structure can be found through the instrument. For the cable breakdown fault, especially some high resistance grounding cable breakdown fault, the difficulty of the test is the distance measurement. Because this kind of fault is relatively hidden, the test parameters are complex and changeable, and lack of regularity, so whether the cable fault point can be found quickly, ranging is the key. High voltage circuit method and electric hammer method have effective methods to detect such faults

Qingyang wire and cable recycling what is called cable intermediate joint? Answer: the device that connects the conductor, insulation shield and protective layer of the cable and the cable to connect the cable line is called the cable intermediate joint. What is the main electrical connection? Answer: the main electrical wiring is the connection mode of the main electrical equipment and busbar in the power plant and substation, including the connection mode of the main busbar and the auxiliary power system according to certain functional requirements. What regulations should be followed when selecting the section of power cable? Answer: the selection of power cables should follow the following principles: (1) the rated voltage of the cable should be greater than or equal to the rated voltage of the power supply system at the installation point; (2) The continuous allowable current of the cable shall be equal to or greater than the continuous current of the power supply load; (3) The cross-section of the core shall meet the requirements of the stability of the power supply system in case of short circuit; (4) Check whether the voltage drop meets the requirements according to the cable length; (5) The small short-circuit current at the end of the line shall enable the protective device to operate reliably. What are the advantages of cross-linked polyethylene cable compared with oil paper cable? Answer: (1) easy to install, because it allows * small bending radius and light weight; (2) Not affected by line drop *; (3) Good thermal performance, high allowable working temperature and large transmission capacity; (4) Cable accessories are simple and dry-type structure; (5) Simple operation and maintenance without oil leakage; (6) Low price; (7) High reliability and low failure rate; (8) The manufacturing process is less, the process is simple, and the economic benefit is remarkable

common sense of purchasing Qingyang wire and cable recycling products: 1. Look at the "CCC" certification mark of metal material testing machine, which I will share with you today. Therefore, cable products are products with national compulsory safety certification. All production enterprises must obtain the "CCC" certification certified by the China National Electric Product Certification Commission, obtain the "CCC" certification mark, and have the "CCC" certification mark on the certificate of conformity or products. 2. Look at the inspection report. As a product that affects the safety of people and property, cable has always been listed as the focus of government supervision and inspection, and regular manufacturers are subject to periodic inspection by the supervision department. Therefore, the seller should be able to provide the inspection report of the quality inspection department, otherwise, the quality of cable products will lack basis. 3. Pay attention to packaging. The packaging of wire and cable products is the same as other products. Large and medium-sized formal enterprises that produce products that meet the requirements of national standards pay great attention to product packaging. When purchasing, pay attention to exquisite packaging, clear printing, complete models and specifications, factory name, address, etc. 4. Look at the appearance, the product appearance is smooth and round, and the color is even. Cable enterprises whose products meet the requirements of national standards strictly control the purchase of raw materials, production equipment, production technology and other aspects in order to improve product quality and ensure that products meet the requirements of national standards. Therefore, the appearance of the produced wire and cable products meets the standard requirements: smooth, round and even color. The appearance of fake low-quality cable is rough and lusterless. For rubber insulated flexible cables, the appearance is required to be round, and the sheath, insulation and conductor are tight and not easy to peel off. The fake and inferior products have rough appearance, large ovality and low insulation strength of the sheath, which can be torn off by hand. 5. Look at the conductor. The conductor is shiny, and the DC resistance and conductor structure size meet the requirements of national standards. The products of wires and cables that meet the requirements of national standards, whether aluminum conductors or copper conductors, are relatively bright and oil-free, so the DC resistance of the conductor fully meets the national standards, with good conductivity and high safety. 6. Measure the length of cable. Length is the main intuitive method to distinguish between products that meet the requirements of national standards and fake and inferior products. When shopping, don't be greedy for cheap prices. Choose wires and cables with 90m or 80m or even without length marks. The length must meet the requirements of 100 ± 0.5m standard, that is, taking 100 meters as the standard, with an allowable error of 0.5 meters)

[Diqu] [zhuci] Introduction to products of different cable lines

power cables: cross-linked PVC insulated power cables, aluminum stranded wires and steel cored aluminum stranded wires, silane cross-linked PVC insulated power cables High fire-resistant power cable, cold resistant power cable, cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable, etc

control cables: plastic insulated control cables, cross-linked polyethylene control cables, high temperature control cables, intrinsically safe signal control cables, high fire resistance control cables, cold resistant and heat-resistant control cables, ethylene propylene rubber insulated flame retardant control cables, polyvinyl chloride insulated control cables, etc

signal cables and computer cables: shielded cables for detection devices, plastic insulated plastic sheathed signal cables, mine signal cables, electronic computer electric/distributed instrument signal cables, etc

communication and communication cables: copper core polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed municipal cables, copper core paper insulated star twisted lead sheathed high-frequency symmetrical communication cables, computer network system data communication cables, etc

[Diqu] [zhuci] wires and cables for electrical equipment: general rubber sheathed flexible cables, plastic insulated cables, rubber insulated wires and cables, flame-retardant PVC insulated connecting flexible cables, PVC insulated shielded cables, silicone rubber series cables, mining signal cables, mining rubber sheaths

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