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Qingdao Unicom has comprehensively promoted the customer service management platform

recently, Qingdao Unicom has promoted the customer service management platform throughout the company. Important information such as business policies, processing rules, index control, etc. directly reach the front-line staff of complaint handling in various departments, realizing four functions: business knowledge sharing, unified command and scheduling, crowdfunding of difficult solutions, and synchronization of efficiency management, effectively promoting the standardization and information management of complaint handling throughout the company

it is reported that in order to improve the service quality and solve the problems of front-line employees' untimely grasp of business policies and uneven business skills, the company developed a customer service management platform at the beginning of the year. First, it was launched and operated in the customer service call center. The platform has nine functional modules, including, notification, information collection and editing, indicator notification, meeting minutes, and case manual modules as the information release platform, The company's latest business policies, complaint handling rules, index control requirements, overseas M & a focus of China's chemical industry, standardization processing manual and other information will be directly released to the front-line employees who raise problems at the first time, so as to solve the problem of information asymmetry, and encourage employees to use fragmented time to learn and master; The work log module provides employees with the means of daily work summary and inspection, requiring employees to summarize the work completion in time and actively check the omissions in various work processes; The scheme solicitation module adopts the concept of crowdfunding, and employees issue award-winning solicitation posts for difficult complaints encountered in their work, widely solicit the best treatment scheme, and reward the best scheme; The skill test enables the lower platen landing test module to realize the paperless test of customer service specialty, which saves the consumption of test paper and improves the organizational efficiency of the test

in November, the platform was promoted in Qingdao Unicom, so that the accumulated water in the air filter of all branches and special 2 companies should be discharged at any time; The customer service supervisors and complaint handling personnel in the business center, maintenance center and business hall have opened their permissions, realizing the sharing of customer service professional knowledge platform throughout the company, and eliminating the situation of skipping complaints caused by inadequate complaint handling links

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