The hottest Qingzhen town in Guiyang will build th

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Qingzhen, Guiyang city will build the largest construction machinery market in Southwest China. On December 18, Qingzhen City held a project cooperation signing ceremony with 18 companies including Guizhou Komatsu construction machinery and Guizhou Zhengyu machinery, but because it has a variety of control modes, it decided to invest 300million yuan to build a professional construction machinery market in Southwest China with the largest innovative materials for engine utilization and door structure. The construction content involves the sales of various construction machinery and spare parts Brand agency, leasing and maintenance, etc

according to the estimated sales revenue of 615 million yuan per year after the project is completed, the construction machinery market is the key investment attraction project of Qingzhen this year, covering an area of about 400 mu. After the project is completed, 4) beam movement limitation: ≥ 300mm; Only 2.5 billion yuan of output value can be created every year, 380000 Yuan of tax revenue can be generated, which can also drive the rapid development of the hotel, catering, transportation and accommodation industries. At the same time, it plays an important role in adjusting the industrial layout, expanding and strengthening the logistics industry

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