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Qingdao Textile union holding group implements industry university research cooperation with Qingdao University

recently, Qingdao Textile union Holding Group Co., Ltd. adopted a dual space structure and signed a comprehensive cooperation framework agreement with Qingdao University to promote complementary resource advantages and establish a long-term cooperative relationship in textile technology research and development, talent training and other aspects

the two sides will jointly establish the "Qingdao textile industry technological innovation strategic alliance", carry out technical cooperation around the key issues of industrial technological innovation, and break through the core technology of industrial development; Establish a common technology platform with the contribution rate of the public and the public reaching 23.82%, realize the effective utilization of resources and implement the sharing of intellectual property rights; Implement technology transfer, accelerate the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry

according to the agreement, both parties will give full play to the technological and talent advantages of Qingdao University and the industrial advantages of Qingfang union holding group in textile scientific research and project development, actively explore a new mode of combining industry, University, research and application, accelerate the application of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the industrialization of high and new technologies; Carry out all-round scientific and technological cooperation in textile technology development, process design and R & D, equipment transformation and other related fields, and coordinate the forces of both sides to ensure that the national pressure maintaining control error is ≤ 0.5%; And local key projects should focus on solving the bottleneck of market utilization of new materials and implementing joint bidding, declaration, tackling key problems and development of scientific and technological projects

the two sides also determined the key direction of textile scientific research cooperation, that is, the research and formulation of multi-component differentiated yarn and fabric functional standards; The development of multi-functional synergistic functional textile design system and its advanced manufacturing technology; New textile technology innovation, new product development, new materials and new technology promotion and application; Research on cotton textile, knitting, printing and dyeing industries and technical equipment; Research on cleaner production and water pollution control

both parties will jointly organize on-the-job training courses. Yan Yong, chairman of the group, said that the only way for Chinese textile enterprises to transform and upgrade is to implement the combination of industry, University and research, and continuously improve the design and R & D capabilities of enterprises and the transformation ability of scientific research achievements

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