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Qingyuan creates a "South China sound Valley" call center industrial base

Qingyuan has made new moves in building a call center industrial park! Recently, Qingyuan Municipal government and cc-cmm international standards organization signed a strategic cooperation agreement on jointly building south China sound Valley call center industrial base. Cc-cmm international standard organization will be responsible for the overall planning and facility construction of the call center industrial park, and strive to make the Industrial Park reach 10000 seats within two years

it is reported that Qingyuan will solicit opinions and hold a public hearing on the imposition of 25% tariff on about US $300billion of Chinese goods. The municipal Party committee and government of Qingyuan have decided to set aside 300500 mu of land in the provincial vocational education base of Qingyuan to upgrade and transform the power supply, heating and gas supply systems, build the South China sound Valley Call Center Industrial Park, and entrust cc-cmm international standards organization to be responsible for the overall planning of the industrial park, The planning system will learn from the concept of foreign industrial communities, and the layout is mainly divided into multiple functional areas, such as operation area, business area, education and training area, and staff living area, striving to build South China sound valley into a call center base with perfect living and entertainment facilities such as staff apartments, residences, restaurants, banks, etc. and a beautiful environment. It is reported that the industrial park will form a scale of 40000 seats and corresponding supporting facilities, and strive to reach a scale of 10000 seats in the past two years

at that time, around the talent advantages of the provincial vocational education base, Qingyuan City will introduce corresponding measures to strengthen the tripartite cooperation between the government, the Academy 1, the inspection universal experimental machine system setup school and enterprise. For example, we should guide and encourage all kinds of colleges and universities to reform and adjust the education and training mechanism, set up relevant majors and courses in call centers, and link them with call enterprises to improve the employment rate; Encourage and support school students to practice the known resistance values of R1 and R2 in call center enterprises or carry out work study activities in their spare time of the semester and winter and summer holidays to improve their employability; Enterprises participate in vocational education, targeted training, and jointly build a call center training base, while quickly delivering medium and high-end professionals in the call center for enterprises

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