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Qinghai business office carried out on-site research on photovoltaic projects in Haixi region

Qinghai business office of Northwest Electric Power Supervision Bureau successively went deep into photovoltaic enterprises in Wulan, Delingha, Xitieshan, Golmud, duying media, Chenglan and other regions, and worked with Qinghai Provincial Energy Bureau to conduct on-site research on the multi-purpose photovoltaic 1 machine in Haixi region, which means that a tensile testing machine can complete the tensile operation of materials and the commencement of new projects in 2012

during the investigation, Qinghai business office carefully understood the operation and existing problems of photovoltaic enterprises, and listened to the opinions of enterprises on power supervision. At the same time, in view of the actual situation of many new photovoltaic power station construction projects and short construction period this year, requirements are put forward from two aspects of safety management and qualification management: first, strengthen the safe operation management and construction management of photovoltaic power stations. According to the problems exposed in the safety evaluation and the requirements of the notice on carrying out in-depth investigation and treatment of hidden dangers in electric power production issued by the Electricity Regulatory Commission, the power stations that have been put into operation should focus on equipment consolidation and operation management, carefully rectify, strengthen operation management, formulate safety management systems and training plans, and ensure the safe operation of power stations in combination with the standardization of electric power production and the work of "Combating non-compliance and non-compliance" in the electric power industry, Prevent large-scale accidents. For the photovoltaic power stations under construction, it is necessary to further implement the measures for the supervision and administration of safe production in electric power construction and the opinions on Further Strengthening the work of safe production in Electric Power Construction issued by the Electricity Regulatory Commission, do a good job of project safety filing, and effectively strengthen the safety management of electric power construction projects. The second is to conscientiously implement the viscosity of power raw materials for installation (repair and test), and begin to rapidly increase the facility permit system and the electrician work permit system, consciously maintain the market order of power facilities for installation (repair and test), and standardize the business behavior of power facilities enterprises for installation (repair and test) to improve the yield of materials and performance stability. Zhonghua glass () Department

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