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The servo system market presents an obvious echelon structure

in recent years, the market share of domestic brands has increased rapidly, but Japanese brands still firmly occupy nearly half of the domestic servo market. Like most high-precision products, foreign investment 2. Phased pressure maintaining process, experimental time, automatic brand has occupied most of the domestic servo system market share, with a market share of 77%

among them, Japanese and Korean brands account for 45%, mainly Japanese brands, including Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Yaskawa, Sanyo, Fuji, etc. These are old Japanese industrial automation equipment manufacturers, which are technically comprehensive. The product is characterized by a high level of technology and performance, which is more in line with the needs of Chinese users, and the price is also relatively high

followed by European and American brands, accounting for 22%, of which Rockwell, Danaher, Paguang, etc. are well-known in the United States, while Germany has Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, Lenz, Schneider and other brands. European and American brands mainly encounter large servo systems, so they are facing the risk of market shrinkage. By 2015, the market share of Europe and the United States will be reduced by 10% to 22%

changes in the market pattern of the domestic servo system industry (unit:%)

source: the foresight Industry Research Institute sorted out

in the domestic market, Taiwan brands have gradually grown into an important force, represented by delta and Dongyuan, which are similar to Japanese brands in technology, the technical level and price level are between imported mid-range products and mainland brands, and the market share has increased steadily, But in the future, it will face fierce competition from local brands, which is a market that domestic brands can gradually obtain in the future

domestic brands started at the low end and gained a firm foothold by relying on price advantages. In 2008, the share of domestic brands was only about 10%. Since then, companies represented by Huichuan have grown up, replacing foreign brands in the medium and low-end market and gradually moving towards the high end. In 2015, the market share of domestic brands has reached 22%. Companies such as Easton and NVIDIA are also catching up, focusing on developing new servo products and exploring new markets

Panasonic and Yaskawa are in the first tier

the data of the "analysis report on the market outlook and investment strategic planning of China's servo system industry in" issued by the forward looking Industry Research Institute shows that in terms of brands, the servo system market presents an obvious echelon structure divided by market share

Japanese brands represented by Panasonic and Yaskawa have a similar market share, about 17%, which is in the first tier, and obviously lags behind other brands. Panasonic and Yaskawa servo systems are widely used in high-end equipment, and some equipment manufacturers assemble them at the request of downstream customers

Delta and Mitsubishi are in the second tier, accounting for about%

Huichuan, Siemens, etc. are in the third tier, with a market share of about%

Sanyo, Schneider, Rockwell, Bosch Rexroth, etc. are in the fourth tier, accounting for about 3% of the market

in addition to Huichuan, Easton and inverton, domestic enterprises have dozens of large-scale enterprises. Most of the other enterprises are small-scale, with a market share of less than 1%, and are mainly concentrated in small and medium-sized servo products in the low-end field. The competition is fierce. Panasonic exchanges servo electromechanical products, and the equipment sockets used on the installation site must have grounding terminals, which is not ideal

market share of domestic servo system market by brand (unit:%)

data source: forward looking Industry Research Institute collates

the growth of downstream market is strongly driven. The aperture of domestic oil return valve is much larger than that of oil delivery valve, and the market opportunity of servo system is large.

servo system is an automatic motion control device, which is mainly used to accurately control the position, orientation, state, etc. of mechanical components. It determines the accuracy, control speed and stability of automatic machinery, so it is the core of industrial automation equipment

from the product line level of industrial automation components, industrial control products are divided into control layer, drive layer and execution layer. Servo system belongs to drive layer and execution layer, including servo drive and servo motor. The control layer is the brain of automation equipment, responsible for issuing instructions, and products include controllers, all-in-one machines, etc; The drive layer is the central nerve of the automation equipment, responsible for the uploading and issuing of instructions, amplifying, transforming and modulating the pulse signal of the control layer into the signal of the control motor. The products include frequency converter, servo driver, etc; The executive layer is the musculoskeleton of automation equipment, which is responsible for executing instructions. Products include all kinds of motors

the role of servo system in industrial automatic control system devices

source: sorted out by prospective industry research institute

with the development of social economy and science and technology, as well as the decline of China's demographic dividend, the demand for automation equipment in factories will continue to increase. In addition, servo system will also play an important role in high-end medical devices, new energy, robots and other fields. The rapid development of intelligent manufacturing will still strongly drive the development of servo system. Take the development of industrial robots as an example

China has become the world's largest demand country for industrial robots, and the market has developed steadily. The manufacturing of automobiles and their parts is still the main application field of industrial robots. With the deepening of China's industrial structure adjustment and upgrading and the transfer of international manufacturing centers to China, China's industrial robot market will be further expanded, and the speed of market expansion will also be further improved. Therefore, the servo system market will have great room for development and growth

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