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Seven highlights shine 2012pt counter attack the world

stay away from impetuosity and wash away all the lead. These two words should be very appropriate to describe 2012 China International Information and Communication Exhibition

in 2012, although China's economic growth was slowing down, it maintained stable growth and has become a stabilizer of world economic growth. This trend is particularly prominent in the field of information and communication

there are two important days inside the wall and outside the wall

according to the analysis of an analysis organization, from the half year statistics of overseas main equipment manufacturers Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks and Arum, it is expected that the overall overseas telecommunications capital expenditure will drop by about 10% after cutting off the power supply, and the overseas market conditions will directly restrict the profitability of globalization oriented manufacturers such as Ericsson, ZTE and Huawei

on the other hand, 4G investment in the domestic communication market is in the ascendant, and the broadband China strategy continues to heat up, attracting the main attention of global communication equipment manufacturers

td-lte and other investment expectations and capacity cycles are expected to drive the industry recovery. Institutional analysts believe that TD-LTE will still be the key factor to promote the recovery of the industry in the coming years, despite the constraints of licenses, spectrum, terminals, industrial scale, etc. On the other hand, in view of the in-depth implementation of the broadband China strategy, the communication transmission industry has experienced large-scale fixed asset investment from 2010 to the first half of 2011, and the momentum of capacity expansion has almost stagnated since the second half of 2011. It is expected to achieve a major reversal this year, and optical communication manufacturers will usher in the best golden age

from a historical perspective, in 2012, the global communication industry entered an era of great integration, great change and great transformation. China's communication industry also generally shows the development trend of integration, intelligence, broadband and mobile. As a national strategic emerging industry, it plays a decisive role in serving economic and social development

seven highlights

Communication Exhibition is the barometer of the industry. The number of exhibitors and the size of the exhibition area all reflect the development and trend of the industry and manufacturers in the past year. Therefore, to visit this year's Communication Exhibition, you may wish to focus on broadband China, industrial applications of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, three integration, mobile Internet, mobile intelligent terminals, network security and other aspects. In addition, the latest achievements and trends in the fields of Internet management, cloud computing, green communication and so on are also the highlights of this year's exhibition

in general, the highlights of this year's exhibition can be summarized into the following seven points:

broadband optical fiber has become the biggest highlight

at the beginning of this year, the Ministry of industry and Information Technology launched the broadband popularization and speed-up project. So far, it has been progressing smoothly, and various indicators have exceeded the expectations at the beginning of the year. The implementation of broadband popularization and speed-up project has promoted the upgrading of relevant platforms, equipment and solutions. The popularity and demand of broadband have also vigorously promoted the development of related applications, three convergence new services and cloud computing, and laid the foundation for the development of next-generation interconnection. Focusing on broadband China, this exhibition will focus on the construction of broadband popularization and speed-up projects and the latest achievements in the research and development of next-generation interconnection, including FTTH fiber-optic home solutions, rural broadband to villages, IPv6 research and development achievements, next-generation access technology, etc

three convergence applications get together

operators will demonstrate the three convergence practical applications of high-definition IPTV, three screen interaction, Internet TV, smart TV and so on at the exhibition site. Huawei and digital video will show TV payment, IPTV solutions and Ott solutions. By watching the demonstration, the audience can comprehensively and intuitively understand the latest progress and achievements of the three integration, and personally feel the convenience and pleasure that the three integration provides for people's life

td-lte whole industry chain display

TD-LTE independently developed in China has gradually formed a complete industry chain. At this exhibition, China Mobile will demonstrate TD-LTE instant TV transmission technology and products. Datang Telecom, Ericsson and other enterprises will show tds/tdl integration solution, four integration, GSM Zhejiang market charging 1560 ⑴ 590 yuan/ton to TD-LTE upgrade solution. TD industrial alliance will comprehensively display the progress and achievements of TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE industrialization

mobile Internet convergence application

at present, mobile Internet has become an important growth point for the development of the industry. This exhibition will focus on the display of relevant platform products and applications, such as Tianyi of Chinatelecom, Wo of China Unicom, Weibo terminals, housekeepers, browsers, entertainment platforms of Sohu, Sina, Tencent, Yi and other companies. ZTE, Huawei, Shanghai Bell, Ericsson, etc. will show a series of solutions based on network construction, access, optimization and security strategy. Nokia, Yulong Coolpad, Lenovo Mobile, Hisense, etc. will display consumer electronic products represented by mobile Internet terminals. Qin, Jinshan and other companies will also display products and services such as virus protection and data protection

cloud computing applications are becoming more and more mature

visitors can experience the cloud storage, government cloud, financial cloud, education cloud, medical cloud and other products and services provided by operators and equipment manufacturers as well as mature cases at this exhibition

accelerating the application of green environmental protection technology

at this exhibition, ZTE, Shanghai Bell and many other manufacturers will show their ideas, practices and latest achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction, efficient use of resources, as well as operation support and maintenance service solutions

it is understood that the application of information and communication technology in other industries is deepening and expanding. At this exhibition, many enterprises will show a recently invented electric pole made of new composite materials, which has a rich variety of unique industrial application examples and construction schemes. Visitors can experience the convenience brought to daily work and life by HD video interaction, telemedicine, somatosensory games, karaoke at home and other applications at the exhibition site

how fast and cost-effective to build a bridge

as the leading media of the communication industry, communication industry news, communication industry news interaction, smart communication, through three special issues, four exhibitions, network topics, presidents, round table forums, microblog matrix and other means, build a communication bridge for the industry of online and offline integration, and plane network interaction. In the context of the global economic downturn and China's economic slowdown, both equipment manufacturers and operators are facing the challenge of profitability and the pressure of cost. What plan can save the construction expenditure most and what technology can reduce the operating cost most have become the decision-making focus of operators' traffic management and fine operation. Therefore, in our special issue and exhibition, we pay more attention to Kuaihe province. Among many products and programs, we look for good things for the industry, find out fast products and technologies, and find out provincial programs and applications

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